5 podcast episodes for social distancing


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While many of us have been social distancing for a few weeks at this point, some of our favorite programs, from late-night shows to podcasts, have also been adjusting to working from home. Whether you’re a podcast enthusiast looking to expand your collection of go-to shows or someone who has only listened to an episode here and there, social distancing provides many of us with the opportunity to delve further into the medium. Here are five podcast episodes on the topic of social distancing to help you get started.

Show: “Still Processing” 

Episode: “A Pod From Both Our Houses

Every week on “Still Processing,” New York Times Magazine writers Jenna Wortham and Wesley Morris tackle difficult questions in modern culture, and staying at home hasn’t stopped them from having these conversations. In this episode, Wortham and Morris discuss adjusting their routines to working remotely, as well as the impact that the current crisis will have on pop culture as we know it. They also discuss ways in which they’ve found time to embrace technology as a tool, for podcasting and otherwise.

Show: “Staying in With Emily & Kumail”

Episode: “Fumbling for Normalcy

Fans of 2017’s “The Big Sick” may already be familiar with the real-life romance of Kumail Nanjiani and Emily Gordon — and their newest podcast gives listeners an opportunity to spend a bit more time with the couple as they discuss life at home while sheltering in place. The first episode of their series, “Fumbling for Normalcy,” serves as the perfect introduction to their new show, offering conversations on navigating one’s time, work and emotions during the current crisis. 

Show: “Lovett Or Leave It” 

Episode: “We’re Number One.

For fans of political comedy, “Pod Save America” host Jon Lovett brings a weekly roundtable of activists, politicians, journalists and comedians on his own show, “Lovett or Leave It.” Although most episodes involve Lovett performing a monologue in front of a live studio audience, this episode features him rehearsing jokes via video call to British comedian Stephen Merchant. The episode also contains a standout segment in which Lovett calls fans of the show to discuss what hobbies they’ve developed to stay occupied at home, which features several interesting responses, including one about keeping a detailed profile of Chester A. Arthur, the 21st U.S. president. 

Show: “Keep It!”
Episode: “Go the Social Distance

“Keep It!” features Ira Madison III, Louis Virtel and Aida Osman dissecting and reacting to the latest in entertainment news, and this episode gives the hosts a chance to discuss how they’ve adapted to engaging with culture without leaving their homes. While production and releases in the movie industry have come to a halt, the hosts discuss all of the films and television they’ve been consuming online. They also take suggestions from listener voicemails on finding content to stream while spending time at home.

Show: “The Big Picture” 

Episode: “100 Movies for You: A Streaming Recommendation Mega-Mailbag

For a podcast centered on the film industry, the hosts of “The Big Picture” have found creative ways to discuss movies without having to focus exclusively on new releases. In this episode, hosts Sean Fennessey and Amanda Dobbins come up with an exhaustive list of movies to stream online during self-quarantine based on specific questions from listeners. The episode also includes a discussion on what next year’s Oscars could look like with a shortened film release schedule, which films we can still look forward to seeing in theaters this year and the films we’re going to have to wait a while longer to experience.

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