Sibling rivalries debunked: How to keep the peace with your siblings

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You may have found yourself spending the rest of this semester back home with your parents and siblings. It’s a little bit like when you were a kid, only this time, everyone is stuck together in the same house and all have to do work and school online. This is the perfect situation for you and your siblings to get on each other’s nerves. It’s National Siblings Day, so it would be a shame to not keep the peace. To help you all get along, here are some tips to keep you and your sibling(s) from getting too annoyed with each other.

Give them space

An easy way to not annoy your sibling is by giving them some space. Like you, they probably have to attend online classes and do schoolwork online as well. If you’re bugging them or at the very least crowding them, this will make it hard for your sibling to focus. That’s the perfect way to make them mad. Also, even if they’re free, maybe still give them space. If your whole family is living under one roof again, the chances are that having private time is rare. Be courteous and leave your sibling alone if they want you to.

Try not to insult them all the time

Some sibling pairs like to show their affection by always ragging on one another. If you’re the type to sling an insult at your sibling as often as you can, maybe consider laying off a little. These times are tough on everyone. Perhaps what is a friendly jab to you actually cuts a little too deep. Given the stress of everything that’s happening, your insults might be the last straw, and your sibling might just get mad at you. Since you’re going to have to live together, maybe take into account how they’ll react to your seemingly friendly insult.

Explore a common interest

An excellent way to stay on your sibling’s good side is to be friends with them. Finding a common interest and talking about it is one way you can do that. When you’re talking like friends, it will be less likely for y’all to try to get on each other’s nerves. As a bonus, you’ll get social interaction talking about something you like, a rarity these days. 

Show them you care

Chances are, your sibling would really appreciate knowing that you’re there for them. Do something kind that shows you care. If you do it right, there’s no way it will make them mad at you, and it might just keep them from getting angry with you in the future. There’s no reason not to, especially if you care about your sibling. So, be nice and show them that y’all are in this together.

Good luck on getting along with your sibling(s). These days are as good a time as any to hang out, get to know one another better and become closer as siblings. Happy National Siblings Day!

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