ASUC Executive Vice President Andy Theocharous resigns

Vihaan Mitra/Courtesy

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ASUC Executive Vice President Andy Theocharous resigned from his position Saturday due to “tragic circumstances” regarding a person close to him.

Friends, family and professionals helped him come to the decision to resign in order to better focus on schoolwork amid extenuating circumstances, according to Theocharous in a letter sent to the ASUC Judicial Council.

“I really appreciated my time. The ASUC has been a tremendous learning curve for me,” Theocharous said. “My hopes are that when I left the ASUC, I left it in a place that was a little bit better than I found it.”

Campus senior Dakota Brubaker will serve as interim EVP until EVP-elect Melvin Tangonan’s term begins, according to Theocharous.

Theocharous added that he intends to be present to aid with the smooth transition between successors.

“I am a transformed man,” Theocharous said. “I learned what real advocacy looked like, what real leadership looked like, and I have learned from my peers. Honestly, I don’t think there’s anywhere else that I could have made such good friends and family than the ASUC.”

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