Alameda County Superior Court releases 56 inmates due to coronavirus

Alex Stassinopoulos/File

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Alameda County Superior Court Judge Tara Desautels issued three general orders releasing an additional 56 inmates from Santa Rita Jail, according to a press release issued Monday.

The first general order, issued at the request of the district attorney, public defender and private criminal defense bar, released 15 inmates who had 90 or fewer days left to serve on their felony sentences and deemed their sentences served, according to the press release.

The second and third orders released 20 and 21 inmates, respectively. According to the press release, these inmates were released after judicial review, with their bails reduced to $0 in accordance with emergency rules adopted by the California Judicial Council on April 6.

With these general orders, 334 inmates have been released in total from Santa Rita Jail in response to the coronavirus, and the number of total inmates dropped from 2,597 to 1,925 between March 1 and Sunday.

“The Court will continue working with its justice partners to process criminal cases during this Emergency Period,” the press release reads. “(The court) anticipates issuing additional General Orders releasing more persons from Santa Rita later this week.”

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