Clog Report: UC system to open 11th campus UC Zoom

Lisi Ludwig/Staff

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According to Oski, there are plans to finalize the official implementation of an 11th campus in the UC system — UC Zoom. He has been attending virtual meetings and discussing with other UC executive board members for the last three weeks. They intend on officially opening UC Zoom fall 2021.

“Remote learning is the future, and the system will be able to cut a lot of costs,” Oski said in a virtual interview earlier this week. “Overenrollment issues at physical UC campuses will lessen, and inclusive access to a UC education will be made more available to the deserving masses.”

While named UC Zoom, the campus will be accessible from all over the world. There will be no physical grounds, and professors from all other UC campuses are invited to teach at UC Zoom in addition to their physical places of work.

Considering all of the midsemester disarray that caused UC campuses and others across the nation to switch to online learning via Zoom, it is no surprise that the idea and implementation of UC Zoom quickly grew into an action plan. Oski sees this as a “silver lining” in this crisis. To Oski and the board, recent circumstances have proven that learning UC curriculum remotely is absolutely viable. While Oski understands it may not be everyone’s “cup of tea,” he and the executive board are committed to making this a virtual reality for many who would be “game.” 

He left our interview addressing that he misses seeing UC Berkeley students in real life and still feels loyal to them even though he is a lead in planning for UC Zoom.

“I miss my lil’ cubs, but it feels good to know that I have access to every Zoom link that goes out for UC Berkeley classes,” Oski said. “I can pop in and say ‘Go Bears’ anytime I want.”

So, Bears, make sure to look out for Oski if you see him on one of your Zoom calls and thank him for the work he is putting into the 11th campus of the UC system. Rumor has it, UCZ’s mascot will be an anthropomorphic computer mouse. 

As for now, Oski will continue Zooming into virtual planning meetings and online lectures.

This is a satirical article written purely for entertainment purposes.

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