An ode to AirPods, our constant, loyal ear companions

momoka sasaki/Staff

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Walking to class,

Feet tippity-tapping,

Or in bed or on the Glade,

Or wherever one may be napping,


Regardless of where I am,

With my head bouncing in periodic nods,

Some things never change.

I love you, my beautiful AirPods.


In sickness and in health,

You have stuck by me.

Thanks to my generous uncle,

I got you for free.


Your bass quality may not be the best,

But dang it, you are handy.

And yes, sometimes you’ll slip out of my ear,

But nevertheless, you are indeed dandy.


I wish you weren’t so white.

Sometimes, some color is appreciated.

But that’s such a petty desire in the grand scope of things,

And for it, you do not deserve to be berated.


Your body is stunning,

Whether you’re the basic model or the Pro.

Not only that, but your existence in general,

Allows me to walk with much gusto.


I have owned earbuds before,

Bose, Skullcandy, Sony.

But out of all of these,

You are the only one for me.


Thank you, AirPods,

For making life so enjoyable.

I feel sorry for those who do not associate with you,

For surely, they are deplorable.

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