Beaus in different area codes: Where to travel using Tinder Passport

katie lee/Staff

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Self-isolation makes it impossible for us to physically travel, but that doesn’t have to stop us from experiencing the world’s wonders from the safety of our own home. Luckily for us, Tinder has made its Passport feature free for all Tinder members to use. Tinder Passport allows users to drop a pin anywhere in the world and swipe as if they were in that location. Ever wondered what the Tinder users in Paris, France or Paris, Texas are like? Bingo, Tinder Passport is your ticket to discovery. For your benefit, we at the Clog have come up with an unbeatable list of locations to swipe in.

Where you were supposed to be studying abroad

Where are my study abroad queens at? Probably at home and bored to tears, modeling the edgy abroad outfits that they never got a chance to post on Instagram. Luckily, you can drop a pin where you were supposed to be studying abroad and it will feel like you never left! Bonus points for changing your location for every weekend trip you were supposed to go on.

Los Angeles, California (for the TikTok baddies)

Thanks to quarantine, for the first time ever it’s socially acceptable for college students to be using TikTok. We couldn’t help but notice all the TikTok baddies on the app. LA seems to be the hot stop for your favorite TikTok users as well as real celebrities, so get swiping until you land on your favorite member of the Hype House.

Indio, California

That’s where Coachella is, right? We don’t know much about Coachella other than that a few times a year everybody seems to post about it on Instagram. We must say, your posts have been depressing as hell this week (due to its cancellation). So quit moping and get your festival squad to all Passport to Indio and pretend that you’re in the Sahara Tent or whatever.


Depressed about our health care system and the way the Trump administration is dealing with COVID-19? Jet on over to Canada using Passport and live in a country with beautiful nature, universal health care and a more effective response to the pandemic. Not to mention, our northern neighbors are just so nice, eh?

Berkeley, California

We know that Berkeley hits different now that most of us aren’t there anymore. Swipe through Berkeley’s Tinder scene and imagine that every time you swipe left, you’re avoiding someone flyering to you on Sproul Plaza. Sigh, take us back.

Hopefully, Tinder Passport provides you with a much-needed change of scenery in self-isolation. Who knows, maybe you’ll match with your very own quarantine sweetheart and you can fall in love over the course of, well, however long this will all last. Get swiping!

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