Popular restaurant Delhi Diner to open Telegraph Avenue location

Subash Arora/Courtesy

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Delhi Diner, a popular Indian restaurant in Albany, will be opening a location in Berkeley on Telegraph Avenue to serve the student population.

According to owners Subhash Arora and his wife Krishna Arora, the restaurant has made its mark in Albany, and the two wanted to bring a “fresh and affordable menu” to campus students. Subhash Arora added that the restaurant will focus on Indian street food.

“We want to be able to bring Indian street food on Telegraph — freshly made street food — with unlimited range and variety,” Subhash Arora said. “We have had many experiences making our food, having put our stamp on it.”

The Telegraph location’s menu will incorporate the same items from its sister location in Albany, including wraps, curries, dosas and pav bhaji, among others. The menu will also consist of vegan and gluten-free options, and will change seasonally, according to Subhash Arora.

Subhash Arora began his career as a successful restaurant owner in Delhi, India in the 1980s before coming to the U.S. in 2000. Since then, the Albany restaurant has catered for the UC Berkeley Faculty Club, weddings and celebrations, among others.

Now, Arora wants to cater to the needs of students at UC Berkeley.

“Delhi’s cuisine, in particular, is an interesting potpourri of many regional Indian flavors and is a true reflection of its rich history and culture,” the Delhi Diner website reads. “We strive to offer a varied range of delicacies and fine Indian cuisine from different regions of India in our ever-changing menu here.”

The location’s opening, however, has come to a halt because of the ongoing shelter-in-place orders enacted to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Delhi Diner is not the only business that is being impacted by COVID-19, with many businesses on Telegraph Avenue having to adapt as the situation develops.

In the meantime, the Delhi Diner location in Albany is open for takeout and delivery with dining operations closed until further notice, according to Subhash Arora.

Subhash Arora added that for the sake of staff safety and everyone’s well-being, the Berkeley location will open once everything goes back to “normal.”

“We are just on the sidelines right now, but we’re just waiting until the shelter-in-place is lifted but no one has a date on hand,” Subhash Arora said. “It will happen.”

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