Growth while remote: Ways to continue personal development while in quarantine

Sunny Shen/Senior Staff

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Being stuck indoors can make us feel stuck in our path toward personal growth. Without constant contact with the outside world, it can be easy to squander the majority of our time watching “Tiger King” and playing “Animal Crossing.” While these activities are fun ways to entertain ourselves in quarantine, we should all use any spare time we may have to focus on our personal development. With this in mind, we at the Clog have compiled four ways you can continue to grow remotely.

Write out goals and achievement plans

One way to become more dedicated to personal growth is to make a list of the goals you want to achieve in the coming days, weeks, months or even years. Making a list of goals is the first step in creating a strategy for personal growth, and can help you guide your decision-making. Your goals should be realistic, quantifiable and should include a deadline. For example, a goal like “I want to read moreis not as strong as “I want to read two books by May 1.” To reiterate this point, think of your goal agenda as a syllabus for your personal growth. Without a syllabus for your classes, you and your peers would likely be confused about how to prepare for the class. What is the grade distribution? What assignments will there be? When will your next exam be? A course syllabus includes a clear timeline for the course and final learning goals, just like your actual goal agenda should.

Learn a new technical skill

While in quarantine, you can use this time to learn a new skill. Maybe you’ve had a new app idea that you thought of during one of your classes, but you couldn’t pursue it because you don’t know how to code. Now is the time to learn! Leverage resources like Codecademy, LinkedIn Learning and Khan Academy to learn the skills you’ve been postponing. If you’re not sure what skill you want to master, relate possible skills to your future goals. Maybe you have a goal of landing a sales internship by next October. You may want to learn how to use Salesforce to bolster your application; leverage Trailhead by Salesforce to become a master before even entering an interview.

Organize, organize, organize

Color-code, alphabetize, enumerate whatever it takes! One barrier to personal growth is a lack of organization, which can lead to the feeling that development is overwhelming and not worth the effort. To mitigate the intimidating feeling of disorganization, take some time during this quarantine to centralize all of your documents. Looking through my UC Berkeley Google Drive, I had several loose documents that were unfiled with ambiguous titles such as “Homework Week 7” and “Rapid Brainstorm.” My personal Google Drive was even more disorganized, with random documents dating back nearly seven years. Clearing up this clutter freed up my workspace and allowed me to tackle my larger personal development goals in a more efficient manner.

Consider your highest potential

Imagine you reached the peak of your potential. What would that world look like? Maybe at your peak potential, you would eliminate gender disparity in the workplace. Maybe you would bring free education to developing countries. Whatever it is, consider what the world would be like if you were able to reach your highest potential. Fuel your personal growth journey with dreams of that world, and let those dreams guide your decision-making. For example, if your highest potential involves offering universal health care, make use of your free time to service that goal. Dream bigger to go further, and stop yourself from wasting valuable time.

Don’t get stuck in your personal growth journey just because you’re stuck inside! Hopefully, using these four tactics will help you continue growing and developing into the individual you hope to become.

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