There’s a great, big, beautiful world behind your screen: An ode to travel vlogs

Watercolor illustration of a woman taking a vacation via vlog
Olivia Staser/Staff

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These days, we’re all encouraged to stay indoors as much as possible. That means the one thing you’re probably not doing right now is traveling. You may have even had plans set to explore a new city that you’ve had to cancel. For anyone who wishes they were trotting across the globe right now, why not live vicariously through some travel vlogs? Watching these allows you to appreciate the well-deserving magic of trotting the globe from the comfort of your living room.

One of the best parts of travel vlogs is that they make traveling seem like an adventure. There are issues and bumps in the road, but there are also beautiful things and good food. Even though it’s an adventure, it rarely gets too serious. Nothing terrible enough happens that you and the vlogger can’t laugh about later. Sometimes, that lack of seriousness is helpful. It can be great just to get to see the joys of traveling. A travel vlog is a lighthearted adventure you can watch and imagine yourself as a part of, which makes the genre pretty great.

Watching a travel vlog is also a lot cheaper than actually traveling yourself. It allows you to see what far-off places have to offer without having to buy a plane ticket or even leave your couch. It may not be a perfect substitute for going somewhere and experiencing it for yourself, but it can come close. Vlogs allow you to live vicariously through someone else. You may not get to taste that delicious food, but now you know it exists. For showing us the wonders of travel and new places, thanks, travel vlogs!

This form of vlogging has taken on new meaning during our time of social distancing. Weirdly, watching these vlogs is like traveling while practicing social distancing. Classes went online for social distancing, so why wouldn’t travel too? It’s the best way you can experience the outside world while keeping everyone, including yourself, safe. It’s a great option to help you stay entertained, especially if you’ve run out of shows to binge. With social distancing, you probably have been watching a lot more shows and movies. If you’ve run out of things you want to watch, why not give a travel vlog a try? Most are short, so there’s not much of a time commitment if you only watch one. All this makes watching travel vlogs an excellent pastime while practicing social distancing.

Once social distancing is no longer necessary, travel vlogs may have given you some ideas about how you want to spend your next vacation. The videos provide a window into other people’s vacations. You can see what you’d like to do and what you’d rather skip. After spending so much time stuck at home, it’ll probably be a good idea to go on vacation with a plan. The vlogs can help you visualize that, and for this reason and all the others, they deserve some praise.

So, here’s to the travel vlog. May it always show people that there’s a great, big, beautiful world out there.

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