Oski’s advice for getting through social distancing

Sunny shen/File

Many of us are searching for a friendly face in these chaotic times. Normally, that would be a therapist or a family member, but who you take advice from says a lot about who you are, and let’s face it: You’re a Golden Bear. If you’re anything like me, you’ve been sleeping until 3 p.m. and overindulging in sugary foods to cope with the pressure of uncertainty that weighs upon us all. In this time of crisis, we Bears must turn to who we idolize most, our fit king and mascot, Oski.

Connecting with our savior, Oski, is much like trying to view the intricacies of the sun. He’s so bright, yet impossible to stare at. I DMed the star and was met with the worst rejection of all time: the cautionary “read” line under my kind message that doubles as a “loser” label from our local deity. Honestly, this apparent rejection stung more than it could have from any romantic interest. I spent an embarrassingly long amount of time heartbroken until I remembered that Oski does not, in fact, talk.

Let me be clear, however — Oski does think. So, I sat down with our beloved mascot, who ended up tossing out advice like a flower girl at a wedding in a pattern all his own. Without further ado, here it is: OSKI.

O stands for “obliterate distraction.” Take a break from the meme page and, instead, take a moment of reflection. Why are you paying tuition to go to the No. 1 public university globally? That’s right — to get an education. Oski recommends sectioning some time in your day to dedicate to your studies. That doesn’t mean that there’s no time for meme scrolling, however. Put breaks into your schedule and make time for self-care!

S stands for “snip, snip, snip some hair.” Now, this is something you should NOT do under any circumstance. Yes, sure you may need a trim off the ends, but please be aware this does not mean 12 inches of hair need to come off. Connect with your friends! FaceTime! Make office hour appointments with your GSIs! Make awkward small talk with your sibling! Walk the dog! There is so much to do other than alter your appearance impulsively. I would know — although my new Dora-esque hairstyle is a fresh change of pace, I could have just caught up with a friend instead.

K stands for “kick the bad habits.” Have something you want to work on? Whether it’s eating healthier, getting more exercise, taking up a new hobby or dropping a TikTok addiction, Oski recommends that we take this time to be conscious of what we give our attention to. If you’ve been working too hard, remember to shower and eat enough. If you haven’t been working at all, it’s probably time to start. Tell yourself that if you don’t do your work now, you’ll have to eventually. The schoolwork will just pile up until you drown in it. Open up the hiding spaces that you’ve stuffed upcoming deadlines and missed Zoom calls into before you star in the next episode of the workload edition of “Hoarders.”

I stands for “imagine.” Imagine all the fun you can have in the future if you just stay home now. Social distancing is difficult, but it’s necessary. As humans, we can overcome this with the power of imagination! Imagine you’re living your life back in Berkeley, eating at Crossroads, seeing friends and being holed up in Main Stacks. It might not have been the Ritz-Carlton, but at least you had human interaction then. Look forward to those postponed spring break plans. Daydream about your beach vacation or be like those extra families who turn their houses into makeshift Disney theme parks.

Now, I can’t force you to heed Oski’s wise words, but simply implementing one change a day may make a world of a difference. Stay safe out there, Bears.

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