Unleash your inner artist: 5 art project ideas for all skill levels to enjoy

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Let’s face it: Quarantine is bringing out parts of us that we didn’t even know existed. Some of us who typically resort to Cup Noodles for dinner are mastering complex gourmet meals. Those who would rather take a midterm right now than go to the gym are doing the ultimate home workouts. And others, who are total left-brain individuals, are finally embracing their creative side. If you’re bored at home and looking to unleash your creativity, today’s your lucky day! Here are five easy art projects for all skill levels to enjoy.


If you’re like me, you’re probably used to seeing illustrations all over your Instagram timeline. They’re trendy and a really cool alternative to posting regular pictures, but most of all, they’re perfect for beginners! Luckily enough, UC Berkeley offers Adobe Creative Suite for free to all students (score!), so all you have to do to take on this project is download Adobe Illustrator. Once you do, you can trace or color any of your pictures to create new versions of your favorites.


Who doesn’t love tie-dyeing? The last time you did this was probably circa 2008, but it hasn’t lost any of the fun. You can easily order dye online if you don’t have some and make any of those great designs you used to love. If you aren’t able to order right now, or if you just don’t want to wait, you can always use bleach! Mix one part bleach with one part water to create an easy mix for tie-dyeing your dark clothes.

Magazine collages

If you can’t draw or paint but you still want to create a visual art project that you can hang up on the wall, a magazine collage is a great option! This mixed media art form is perfect for people with some old magazines lying around the house. You can also just use colored paper if you don’t have magazines. Collages are a fun way to express your creativity without having to be talented with a pen or paintbrush.

Wood burning

If you’ve never wood burned before, this is a great project you can take on. All you need is a piece of wood and a wood burning tool, which you can easily get at any hardware store or Amazon. Wood burning is perfect for beginning artists because the only skill required is tracing. Of course, you can always try a freehand design, but I prefer tracing a paper printout. 

Data visualization

Lastly, take a stab at data visualization! Using tools that you can get for free in the Adobe Creative Suite or in Microsoft Office is one option for channeling your creative spirit without necessarily having the artistic skills. Take something you care about, like eliminating environmental waste or increasing access to health care, and make an infographic about it. This quarantine is a perfect opportunity to educate yourself and others, as well as show what you learn in a visual way.

Hopefully these art projects are enough to tide you over until the end of the quarantine. Or, at least, hopefully they help you embrace your more creative side and channel your inner artist!

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