A deep, totally serious analysis of ‘The Earth is healing, we are the virus’ meme

Karen Chow/Senior Staff

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If you’ve been on social media the past few weeks, you’ve probably seen the “The Earth is healing, we are the virus” memes that are being thrown around. We can’t help but chuckle at these hilarious memes, especially on Earth Day this year. As you know, it is important to be conscious of what we put out into the environment, whether it be waste or vibes. But some people started taking it too far by calling humanity “the virus” and leaning toward some very problematic and outdated views. In our opinion, there’s really no better way to critique problematic online behavior than with a good meme trend, and the “The Earth is healing, we are the virus” meme has filled that space nicely. In honor of Earth Day, please enjoy this very serious analysis of some of our favorites!

Lisa Frank dolphins

Not all of us may feel a tidal wave of nostalgia when we see these rainbow, sparkly sea friends. For those who do, we know that it is truly a sight to see. It is nice to reflect back on the days when we all either had a Lisa Frank lunch pail or folder in grade school or knew someone who did. Maybe some of you use Lisa Frank stationery for good luck on midterms or finals. What’s really revolutionary about this meme is that there is a dog on a surfboard, completely uninterrupted by the splashing dolphins and lurking leopard seals. Nature not only returns, but it becomes more harmonious. 

Universal Pictures logo

Can you believe that after just a month or so of quarantine, we are reminded of natural phenomena that we thought were fictional this whole time? We at the Clog are completely astounded by this observation. Clearly, the photographer didn’t hesitate to share this special find with the world. Now, every time we see Minions, we can take comfort in knowing that the Universal Pictures logo is real. 

Horses on balconies 

Your first instinct might be to ask, “How?” The better question, however, is, “Why not sooner?” This meme is proof that climate change has a greater effect on wildlife behavior than we previously thought. Sure, better air quality might have brought species together, but it has also allowed some of our common friends to express themselves in ways that are groundbreaking and unheard of. Horses are not just creatures of the land — they are also beasts of the sky and balconies. We aren’t sure how far these horses can travel at a time, so don’t be sad if none show up on your balcony at Foothill. 

Crabs at the airport

Can you imagine coming back to campus finding this in your suitcase? Absolutely amazing. Who knew that crabs are not just bound to the land and sea, but that they can also take to the sky? It isn’t even Cancer season yet, and we are already seeing the effects of less pollution on our skittering friends. Could Mr. Krabs be preparing to bring the Krusty Krab out of the sea? Though this meme may initially garner some laughs, it might just be a harbinger of a future where crabs become our overlords. 

Microsoft Windows background

Maybe that guy in your “Intro to Machine Learning” class in Wheeler was right — no need for second thoughts, we are definitely living in a simulation. Fun fact: This classic background is an actual image taken by a photographer. How wonderful is it to see that nothing has changed and that nature is truly restoring itself?

Paris baguettes

The bread has become sentient and in true French form, it’s taking to the streets. The smell of yeast is not from your roommate’s sourdough starter or freshly baked bear claws from The Golden Bear cafe. It is instead from the hidden population of artisanal carbs that has been hiding in the very alleys and corners that we walk past every day. This meme shows us that our everyday dependencies are also dependent on us to make their worlds more livable. Go Bears, go bread. 

The Bean’s babies

Perhaps the most shocking of the memes is this one. Who knew that the giant bean that inhabits Chicago has been making bean babies this whole time? Before the Earth became a place that nurtured these beans, the babies were scattered across the lands. You may have encountered some in your La Burrita order or in the chili at Crossroads. The force has become strong enough that the bean babies can finally return to their metallic mother. A tearful reunion.

These memes are not meant to detract from the seriousness of the situation, but instead to give us some laughs in these trying times. We hope you are staying safe and healthy, Bears, and we look forward to the day when we can once again reconvene together as nature intended. Happy Earth Day!

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