An ode to the beloved squirrels of UC Berkeley

Andrea Chau/File

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Regardless of major, political views, sexual orientation or religion, everyone on campus can agree that squirrels are the best thing about UC Berkeley. In the midst of chaos, we at the Clog believe it’s important to slow down and remember all the things in our lives that we are grateful for. There’s no better way to express admiration and love than through a poem, so we present to you an ode to the squirrels of our beautiful campus just in time for Earth Day.

“An ode to the squirrels of UC Berkeley”

On my very first visit, 

I was drawn to something exquisite,

A furry-tailed creature

With small, nimble features,

A squirrel and its acorn!


I’ve rarely seen squirrels

Just out there in the world,

But since coming to Berkeley,

I learned I was unworthy

Of these adorable animals.


A bleak, stressful day

Could easily be fixed right away

By going to the Glade,

Laying down in the shade,

And marveling at the squirrels scurrying about.


They climb trees with such agility, 

Occasionally they fight and look silly,

I admire their chubby cheeks,

Which are filled up with acorns to last weeks!


O, you scansorial squirrels!

Forget the architecture, rankings and quality of education,

I came to Berkeley just to show these squirrels some affection!

(From a distance, of course)


I am grateful that our campus integrates nature

Because it is essential to our culture

To pay our respects to our adorable furry friends,

As they help us take a break from the worries of everyday life.

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