To lunge or to lounge? The ultimate workouts for lazy people

wikimedia/Creative Commons

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For us lazy folks, quarantine has been amazing. There are movies to watch, TV shows to catch up on and snacks to eat. Exercising and staying fit is probably a better use of time, but bringing yourself to do so can be quite difficult, especially when Netflix is just a couple of clicks away. However, it’s been a month too long of this sedentary lifestyle and it’s time to get moving! So, we at the Clog have compiled a list of the easiest ways to work those muscles throughout the day.

Ab workouts in bed

Do you ever really want abs, but also really don’t want to leave your bed? Me too. Luckily enough, there have been many workouts designed exactly for the likes of us. If you already spend most of the day in bed, you’re already halfway there! Simply pull up your laptop, play the video and start working those abs. Try doing a couple of reverse crunches or leg raises when you wake up in the morning. This is a great way to get your blood flowing and become well-energized for the day. Getting killer abs with minimal effort? Yes, please!

Squats while watching TV

Watching TV as a shapeless blob on the couch is an undeniably necessary indulgence of life. However, you might start to feel a bit gross and groggy after four hours of that Marvel movie marathon. So, hop off the couch, stretch out those limbs and do some squats. With so many variations to try, squats are perfect to do while watching TV because you can still watch your movies and shows! Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and remember to maintain your balance. Now, you can simultaneously binge-watch and bust out several reps — multitasking at its finest. 

Lunges from your couch to the fridge

This is the fourth trip you’ve made to the fridge in the last 40 minutes, so we might as well make a workout out of it. Rather than walking to the fridge, lunge your way over instead! Lunges are a classic exercise and are great for both your thighs and glutes. Lunge from the couch to the fridge and back for twice the burn. With the number of trips you make, you’ll definitely work up a full-body sweat. Or, you’ll finally stop excessively raiding the fridge. I’d say either outcome would be a success.  

Calf raises as you reach for snacks in the pantry

Collect all of your dry snacks and put them on the highest shelf in your kitchen. The next time you find yourself heading to the kitchen (lunging your way over, I hope) for some snacks, you’ll have to put in a little more work to earn them. As you stand before your shelf of snacks, do some calf raises. Set a minimum number of calf raises to complete before treating yourself. Now that we don’t have the daily treks all over UC Berkeley’s hilly campus to tone our calves, this will have to do instead. Keep your eyes on the prize and work those calves!

Start jogging!

We saved the most involved for last! Instead of taking a quarantine walk around your neighborhood, try jogging! Start out slow by jogging for the length of a song, and then walk for the next song. The best thing you can do is to just get yourself out there and move, so take it at your own pace!

And there you have it — yes, it really is that easy! As lazy people, we are all about maximizing efficiency. Whether you’re struggling to make it out of bed or reaching for another cookie, there’s always a way for us to work those muscles. So, what are you waiting for? Get up and get moving! 

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