The Clog’s guide to recreating UC Berkeley’s campus at home

Lisi Ludwig/Staff

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At this point, many of us have been away from Berkeley for long enough to realize that maybe we even miss being flyered on Sproul (something most of us never could have predicted happening). Luckily for those of you who feel a bit nostalgic, we at the Clog have compiled a list of ways you can make your shelter-in-place situation feel like the UC Berkeley campus.

Walking to class

If you miss the daily walk to class, wake up an extra 20 minutes before your first Zoom engagement and take some laps around the house to get your blood pumping for the day. You can do the same in between classes — if you really want to get into it, do a light jog for that 10-minute block you have to get from Evans Hall to Li Ka Shing Center.

Tabling/being flyered on Sproul Plaza

Sproul Plaza is notorious for being the hub of student group action on campus. To replicate it, get your parents, siblings or roommates to flyer you in the hallways of your house. If you miss being on the other side of the interaction, you can set up a table in your yard at a safe distance from the sidewalk and advertise your favorite club to all your neighbors who walk by.

Eating in the dining halls

While your mom’s cooking probably beats Cal Dining’s offerings, there’s something about eating in the dining halls that we’ve started to miss. To solve this, we recommend showing up 1o minutes early to dinner and then waiting around the kitchen to recreate the experience of waiting in line for every single part of your meal. FaceTime your friends while you eat, and finish the meal off with some cereal to ensure that you won’t get hungry later.

Lying on the Glade

Now that it’s spring and the sun is out in California, we’re missing those afternoon naps on Memorial Glade more than ever. The experience may not be quite the same, but lying down in your backyard after a tough test will have to do for now.

Walking down Telegraph Avenue

The street vendors that line Telegraph Avenue contribute a special sense of character to our college experience as Golden Bears. While their unique stands can never be replicated, you can remind yourself of them by hanging tie-dye T-shirts in your hallways and lining up jewelry on tables.

Living the dorm experience

Though we never thought we’d say it out loud, we’re starting to miss that one kid who always blasted music in the dorm the night before we had a big test. This one is pretty easy to replicate: simply turn up your tunes and place your speaker down the hall from your room. We can’t guarantee this will help you do better on your test, but it’ll cure your nostalgia!

Going to college parties

Let’s be honest, weekends are pretty disappointing with no parties to go to. You can recreate your favorite night out by cranking up the music, turning some colored lights on and finding yourself an elevated surface to dance on. You can call your friends while you do this, or you can invite your parents to the party — they’ll be all too happy to relive their college days.

While online classes will never compare to the real thing, we hope these tips help you feel a little bit less Berkeley-sick as we finish out the school year!

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