The Clog’s power ranking of Instagram story chains and challenges

Celine Bellegarda/Staff

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2020 has been the year of popular Instagram trends and story chains, and it’s only April. Who knows how many more will emerge and take over our social media platforms! It’s nearly impossible to scroll through Instagram without discovering some new, albeit absurd, challenge. We at the Clog have curated our ranking of Instagram fads, ordered from worst to best — of the worst!

Unexplained fruit names on your story with no context

It was just another day of scrolling past all the Bingo stories when I found something else that stumped me even more names of random fruits on stories with no explanation. Imagine seeing “Blueberry,” “Lemon” or “Strawberry” out of the blue. At least with the other fads, I had a great time poking fun at them. But with this trend, I was too confused to even know how to make fun of it. Determined to uncover this mystery trend, we at the Clog performed some sleuthing of our own and discovered that different fruit names were synonymous with your relationship status. The purpose of the fruit game is to confuse users and leave them wondering about its meaning, which the game definitely succeeded in doing!

“Until tomorrow” posts

Who can forget the infamous “until tomorrow” trend that took off sometime in March and involved users posting embarrassing pictures of themselves with the caption “until tomorrow” to signify that the posts would be deleted after 24 hours. Initially, this seemed relatively harmless; after all, it’s an opportunity to post a picture you usually wouldn’t post on a platform where everyone strives for perfection. Soon, however, I realized that every time I liked someone’s post, I was automatically nominated and received a flood of direct messages asking me to participate. The trend would’ve been higher up in the ranking if it weren’t for this caveat!

Drawings of fruit or eggs

Where do we even begin with this viral trend that dominated all of Instagram for a couple of weeks? It started out pretty harmless; it was just a couple of users making funny drawings of tomatoes and passing them along by nominating five of their friends. But a week later, the tomatoes had inspired other fruits and food items carrots, fried eggs, peaches and more. Eventually, the same user was involved in multiple story chains and there was no escape from seeing those cartoony foods wherever you looked.

Bingo story chains

Like the fruit drawings, what started out as a handful of people posting quarantine-themed Bingos to pass the time turned into a full-fledged Bingo war with millions creating their own templates for a variety of different themes. What followed soon after were Bingo templates for staying in the residence halls, involvement in specific clubs, things you did in high school and even those relating to your experience of being from somewhere or speaking a particular language.

User-created Instagram filter effects

Think Buzzfeed quizzes, but Instagram-filter style. These filters usually follow the template of “Which character of [insert show or movie] are you?” or “Which song are you?” I would be lying if I said I haven’t spent many afternoons trying to see which UC Berkeley late-night snack place is my go-to or which “Friends” character I was. There is no shortage in the variety of filters you can find with a quick search in the camera effects. These filters are light-hearted, fun and a welcome alternative to quizzes.

With the world staying home and practicing social distancing, this quarantine seems to have unleashed everyone’s inner creativity (or rather, boredom), inspiring a variety of new, funny social media trends. In fact, I just noticed the latest story trend in which Bill Clinton holds your favorite album covers, allowing your followers to understand your music taste.

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