Finding a silver lining: 5 trends we hope to see after the coronavirus pandemic ends

Wikimedia/Creative Commons

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In difficult, unprecedented times such as the present, it can be easy to focus on the negative and lose sight of the good in our lives. Certainly, there is a dark cloud hanging over humanity’s head — with no sight of an umbrella. Like all clouds, however, this one has a silver lining. In fact, we should remember that there are many bright and positive trends that will follow as a result of this pandemic. We at the Clog have compiled a list of five trends that we hope will emerge from this difficult time. 

Better online learning and working solutions for marginalized communities

Remote learning and working are vital to the success of students and professionals, now more than ever. This pandemic has exposed the great divide between privileged and marginalized communities; many Americans have been confronted with the problem of “access” for the first time. In terms of access, many students and professionals have been completely underserved, and are finally receiving the support they deserve. With many still without access to electronic devices and stable internet connections, we hope that this pandemic shows the value of ingraining equity into discussions regarding remote learning and working.

Increase in local shopping 

This pandemic has taken a toll on local restaurants, boutiques, services and stores. In order to help our local communities survive, order from local businesses such as Top Dog or Star Meats, rather than grabbing dinner at larger chains. We’re being encouraged to support our communities and to channel our Small Business Saturday energy. We hope this trend of shopping locally will continue beyond COVID-19. If you’re in Berkeley and looking for places to eat or shop locally, check out the Best of Berkeley winners for 2020.

Better hygiene!

This list could not be complete without mentioning the dramatic shift in hygiene and cleanliness we are seeing as a result of the pandemic. Free hand sanitizer is being offered at gas stations, grocery carts are being wiped down for individual shoppers and it seems like many people are finally learning how to wash their hands correctly. We’re even shaking our heads at the idea of shaking hands. Regardless of how long overdue these changes sound, they’re finally happening! Hopefully, we’ll see this improvement in hygiene last for years to come.

Greater love for the environment

Coyotes in San Francisco are roaming the inner districts, orcas in Vancouver are venturing closer to shorelines than usual and bears in Yosemite are having a field day with no visitors. The quarantine is showcasing what life would be like with less human interaction, and the planet is immensely benefiting from this. Being stuck indoors is also making open trails more appealing. Many people are exploring nature to escape from their home offices and rediscovering the magic of the outdoors. We hope this trend continues and that this pandemic at least brings greater awareness and appreciation for the environment.

Greater appreciation for everyday moments

We also hope that appreciation for everyday moments will persist as well. Things we have taken for granted in the past like daily walks to school or eating in a crowded restaurant are no longer a part of our routine. If you need a reminder of the everyday moments you may have been taking for granted, check out this article. Being mindful of and thankful for the things we love is crucial in making it through hard times, so this is a trend we definitely want to continue to embrace after quarantine ends. 

This pandemic is testing our ability to find the silver lining in the dark cloud above us. We hope these trends remind you of the positive things to come out of this negative time.

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