There’s an app for that: 4 useful applications to download during quarantine

Katie Lee/Staff

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During this difficult time, we’ve fallen out of our usual routines. We aren’t going to Yoga to the People or participating in our favorite CycleBar classes on University Avenue. None of us are getting boba with friends at Asha Tea House or sharing a slice at The Cheese Board Collective. We aren’t playing pickup games at the Recreational Sports Facility and we’re definitely not going to Triple Rock Trivia Night on Wednesdays. With so many of our usual interactions and habits restricted to our bedrooms, many of us have been left to our own devices our mobile devices, that is. The lockdown has exposed some blank spaces in our mobile app collections, so we’ve compiled a list of four mobile apps we realized we needed to get through this quarantine.

Fitness: ClassPass

Many PureBarre and SoulCycle regulars are stuck missing their favorite classes and instructors due to the lockdown. Instructors and environments can make a tremendous difference. Fortunately, many studios like CorePower are posting their classes for all to enjoy. Having a centralized app such as Class Pass can help consolidate all classes on one platform and is the next best thing after attending them in-person.

Cooking: NYT Cooking

With so many people posting pictures of the banana bread or sourdough they whipped up, we’d all love if there was one place where all of these recipes could be consolidated. The NYT Cooking app offers a wide variety of recipes to keep yourself busy during quarantine, and let’s not forget about how tasty they are! This quarantine is really unleashing the inner chef in all of us.

Outdoors: AllTrails

After hiking the Fire Trails for weeks or taking your dog on the same walk every day, you may be itching for a new adventure. If this is the case, consider downloading AllTrails, an app to help show you what you’re missing outside. This app is free on both iOS and Android and can help you plan your next hike, run or ride with directions and user-generated content regarding reviews and best practices.

Gaming: Jackbox Games

Now more than ever, we’re using online games to connect with our friends. Playing games is a fun and easy way to relax and take your mind off of these challenging times. Many of us are turning to Jackbox Games to liven up our Zoom and Google Hangouts calls. Jackbox Games allows friends and family members to play against one another over long distances using their own personal devices and web browsers. While we can’t physically hang out with our friends, it’s important to find virtual alternatives to having fun with others in person.

Our way of life has drastically changed with the enforcement of social distancing. We have been forced to embrace new ways of navigating areas like fitness, cooking, exploring and gaming on our own. Hopefully, these app suggestions will help you get through the lockdown!

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