Dance like no one’s watching: The Clog’s guide to celebrating International Dance Day

Lianne frick/File

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Given the multitude of student dance groups practicing simultaneously, walking through Sproul Plaza any evening during the school year could lead you to believe every day is International Dance Day. April 29 marks International Dance Day, however, because it’s the birthday of the man who has been credited with the creation of modern dance, Jean-Georges Noverre. This celebration of art across political, cultural and ethnic barriers usually takes the form of performances and gatherings, but given the social distancing guidelines in place in many areas right now, celebrating International Dance Day will look somewhat different this year. Because UC Berkeley is home to such a vibrant dance community, we at the Clog have compiled a list of ways you can celebrate this holiday from the confines of your home, regardless of whether or not you consider yourself a dancer.

Stream a live class 

In the midst of our current reality, many dance studios and professional dancers are teaching classes through various streaming services, often for free! This is an amazing opportunity to either keep yourself in shape or try out that type of dance you’ve always wanted to do from the safety of your own home — a judgement-free zone. Consider making a donation to the group providing the class if you’re able to, as many arts organizations could really use the help right now.

Text your dance friends

Let’s be honest, a large part of what makes dance so great is the people you meet while doing it. So take a minute to text your dance friends and let them know that you miss them! It may not be the same as gossiping on the side of the studio in between combinations, but it’ll do for now.

Have a dance party by yourself

Especially with the end of the semester coming at us quicker than anyone expected, a stress-relieving dance party is something all of us could probably use right now. So turn up your favorite song and let yourself go! The best part is no one else will be watching you, giving you the opportunity to really appreciate dance for all that it is.

Look through your old performance videos and photos

This last suggestion applies more to those of us who have danced more seriously. As cringey as it may be to watch yourself dance, looking back through old performance videos and photos is the perfect way to celebrate how far you’ve come and how dance has contributed to your life over the years. Doing this is guaranteed to give you a good laugh as well!

However you choose to do it, we at the Clog hope that you take a few minutes today to celebrate this amazing art form!

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