Superior Court of Alameda County amends emergency local rule, begins to hear civil cases

Sophie Ho/File

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Anticipating an extension of public closures, the Superior Court of Alameda County announced in a press release Wednesday that it will amend an emergency local rule expanding available public services in family, civil and probate matters.

As a part of the changes, which will be effective Thursday, the court will begin to hear specified motions that are part of civil cases that have trial dates between May 4 and August 31 as well as hearings that were reserved before the court’s public closure for dates between March 17 and May 4. They will also resume reservations for certain new motions.

Meanwhile, the court has expanded the documents that individuals can fax, drop off or mail.

The court is also preparing to request for the continuation of the emergency authority through May 31 in light of the shelter-in-place order’s recent extension.

“Despite any ongoing public closure, the Court recognizes its essential role in this critical time and will continue to work to restore as many functions and services as possible, within existing technological and resource limitations, so long as those functions and services can be provided remotely in conformance with social distancing and other health and safety requirements,” the press release reads.

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