Socks: A poem

Photo of mismatched socks
Brianna Luna/Staff

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I lose a lot of things

Keys, pencils, books, rings.

But there is one thing —

Specifically a pair —

That I can never seem to find

And it’s got me splitting hairs!


It’s not my gloves, I keep those in a box

And it’s not my shoes, but my favorite pair of socks.


Bouncing, jumping, leaping, flying

They’ve been through it all.

These socks are long and stretchy too

With pink and orange horizontal stripes

Oh, what a view!


Are they magical?

Can they fly?

Have they found a place to hide?


Are they out there?

Where did they go?

Because I really need to know!


Morning comes, and the quest resumes

Searching, rummaging, always struggling!

But only lucky lefty is in the pile.


A rainbow of clothes in the hamper,

But school is in an hour,

So I need to scamper!


Guess it’s mismatch day,

Pink and orange on one foot

And blue and red polka dots on another.


Maybe I should look harder,

That’s what I always say

And yet every day turns out to be a mismatch parade!

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