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Quiz: Which side of the Force in 'Star Wars' do you belong to?

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MAY 04, 2020

May the Force be with you, especially on May 4 this year. In honor of today, we at the Clog invite, in fact we encourage, you to take this quiz to determine which side of the Force you belong to. I mean, do you even really know yourself until you’ve figured out which side you belong to? This is a fundamental quiz that we should all consider taking so that we know where our allegiances and fates lie as we move through time and space.


  1. How would you rank your level of loyalty?
    1. Loyalty is for chumps!
    2. Loyal to those who are loyal to me, and will only do something for another person if they did the same for me.
    3. Traditionally loyal to the things and people I am involved with.
    4. Extremely loyal to the people in my life and my commitments, and will do anything for them.
  2. Which words best describe you when you’re really upset?
    1. Frustrated and brooding
    2. Angry and destructive
    3. Quiet and disappointed
    4. Vocal and admonishing
  3. Which building or structure on campus would you expect the Death Star plans to be hidden in?
    1. Dwinelle Hall
    2. Evans Hall
    3. Stephens Hall
    4. The Campanile
  4. Choose a lightsaber color.
    1. Blue
    2. Green
    3. Red
    4. Purple
  5. Whom would you choose as a Jedi Master?
    1. Chancellor Carol Christ
    2. Professor Robert Reich
    3. Oski
    4. Professor John DeNero
  6. Which word(s) best describe(s) you?
    1. In control
    2. Curious
    3. Sassy
    4. Chill
  7. What notion is most important to you?
    1. Peace
    2. Power
    3. Wisdom
    4. Passion
  8. Which scenario do you find the worst?
    1. A long-term friend ditches you to chase a love affair when you are in need of them.
    2. You give up a chance at finding true love to help a friend who is self-destructing.
    3. A family member or close friend withholds a really important truth from you about their past and current life.
    4. You have to spend your final years of life in complete solitude.
  9. What is your No. 1 reason for missing class?
    1. Overslept/overworked
    2. Hungover
    3. Sick
    4. Just didn’t feel like going
  10. Which personality trait turns you off the most?
    1. Selfishness
    2. Ignorance
    3. Jealousy
    4. Being a pushover
  11. Who’s your favorite “Star Wars” character?
    1. Darth Vader
    2. Yoda
    3. Princess Leia
    4. Chewbacca
    1. Welcome to the dark side. You are passionate, powerful and want to have control over the things in your life! The Force is strong inside of you, and you are a clever and tricky character. Ultimately, you believe that you can benefit others by benefiting yourself first and foremost, so that we can all be free! Sometimes you end up hurting others more than you intend, but your Jedi Master has trained you well. You can often be reckless with the Force, but you have a power that the light side cannot possess.
    2. You are a Gray Jedi. By nature, you are a rarity in force. You have managed to find balance between the dark and light sides. You understand that there can be no light without darkness and that darkness prevails only because we know light. You are arguably the wisest. As the Jedi and the Sith continue to battle each other, you sit back, watch and laugh at their pointless fight. Both sides must exist for the Force to prevail. This, you understand.
    3. You belong to the light side! Peace, understanding and loyalty radiate within your being. You would sacrifice yourself to save many! Those who came before you have been wise in their ways, chasing serenity with the Force. The Force washes over you, and you use it with utter patience and control. You want to see everyone exist in harmony and move through the world with gifted strategy. You want the light that you feel and know to be good to shine throughout the galaxy. This is a strength the dark side just doesn’t know.
    4. Sorry, you just don’t have the Force. Not everyone can access the wonders, beauties and dangers of the Force. In order to have the Force and to fall on the different sides of the Force, you must first believe in the Force. Do you? You will know deep down inside when you do.


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MAY 04, 2020