Switch up your look: Hairstyles inspired by ‘Star Wars’


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It’s no secret that switching up your hairstyle is the new normal, whether it comes in the form of cutting your own bangs, cutting your own hair or something else entirely. And with this quarantine-inspired trend of becoming your own hairdresser coinciding with May 4, we at the Clog think it only makes sense to write up some hair tutorials inspired by “Star Wars” to celebrate the occasion!

Princess Leia’s buns

Starting off with what is arguably the most iconic “Star Wars” hairstyle, we have Princess Leia’s buns. Start by parting your hair straight down the middle and combing the two sections into two ponytails right above your ears.

Start creating a bun by twisting one of the ponytails around itself.

Have some bobby pins handy so that you can pin the bun down to your head as you wrap the hair around the base. This is especially important because you want to create a large, flat bun that partially covers your ears, so you’ll need to secure the hair down to spread it out as much as possible.

Once you’ve finished one side, repeat on the other side and you’re good to go!


Rey’s “bun hawk”

To create Rey’s famous mohawk made of buns, or “bun hawk,” you’ll want to start by tying back a tiny ponytail of hair at the very top of your head.

Next, gather a small section of your hair, making sure to include the hair that you put in the ponytail to start.

Secure it with a hair tie, but leave your hair looped on the last rotation through the hair tie to create a bun shape.

Then, with the tail of your first bun, gather up the next section of your hair and tie it off in the same way.

Repeat these steps with the remaining section of your hair, and finish it off by wrapping any extra ends around the bottom bun. You should end up with three buns going vertically down the back of your head!


Princess Leia’s crown braid

During the Battle of Hoth in “Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back,” Princess Leia sports a lovely crown braid hairstyle. To replicate this look, start by making a deep side part.

Pick up a small section of hair right next to the part and divide it into three pieces.

Then, start a Dutch braid that circles your head like a crown. A Dutch braid is like a reverse French braid: Instead of crossing strands of hair over each other, cross strands under each other, gradually adding in pieces of hair and guiding it all the way around your head. Using this technique causes the braid to pop out of your head more than a normal French braid would.

When you run out of hair to add in, finish the braid and tie it off with a hair tie.

Place the braid behind the part that you already braided, and pin it in place to complete the look!


Chewbacca’s luscious locks

Our favorite Wookiee’s signature hairstyle may be the easiest one of all to replicate. All you need to do is let your hair grow — no cutting, shaving, brushing or taming. Most of us are probably doing this already as we stay at home, so there’s no reason not to try this hairstyle!

Regardless of whether you choose to embark on a braiding adventure or to keep it simple by letting your hair run wild, switching up your hairstyle to celebrate May 4 is a great way to simultaneously embrace quarantine trends and show your love of “Star Wars”!

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