Ways to truly experience dead week at home during quarantine

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Quarantine? Dead week? Honestly, what’s the difference? We’ve finally reached the start of RRR week, or more famously known as dead week. As I was sitting at home, as we all should be, I reminisced the thrill of dead week and became quite sad that we wouldn’t be able to live through the glory of dead week this semester. Goodbye to pulling consecutive all-nighters at the famous Main Stacks. Goodbye to living off caffeine for an entire week. Goodbye to passing by students on campus and seeing nothing but tiredness in their eyes. Dead week in quarantine just won’t hit the same.

As I was thinking about the wonderful aspects of dead week that we’ll miss out on this semester, I began to think of ways we could experience the true style of dead week, but in quarantine. Here are five ways you can mimic dead week at home!  

Main Stacks 

No one should miss out on their semesterly tradition of pulling consecutive all-nighters at Main Stacks. Set up your desk in the quietest and darkest room in your house and cover all the windows with cardboard to prevent light from entering the room. You should not be able to tell what time of day it is. Occasionally play audio of someone walking down a hallway and the echoing sound of moving chairs. You have now achieved your own version of Main Stacks. 

Only caffeine in your bloodstream 

You’ll definitely need caffeine to survive the all-nighters you’ll be pulling at Main Stacks. Drink a minimum of five cups of coffee per day. But don’t forget, no food or drinks are allowed in Main Stacks. So, you can only bring your coffee in if it’s hiding in your backpack, and you can only drink it under the table. Tell your parents or siblings to check in on you occasionally, and if they see any food or drinks in the room, you have to toss them in a large, black garbage bag.

Sleep deprivation   

Five hours of sleep per day is all you get. Absolutely no napping in the comfort of your own bed. You can only nap at your desk. If you don’t have dark circles and bags under your eyes by the end of dead week, you’re doing dead week wrong by getting way too much sleep.   

Naked run 

The naked run is an essential part of dead week. It happens every semester, and you can’t let being stuck in quarantine stop it from happening. If you can’t convince the people you’re living with to disrupt your studying by running around you and yelling obnoxiously for at least two minutes, then watch the naked run on YouTube to get the full experience.

Studying with friends 

One of the best things about dead week is getting to spend quality study time with your friends. Schedule study dates via Zoom! To experience a true study date during dead week, you must only be productive 40% of the time, or even less. The rest of the time should be spent catching up and complaining about how behind you guys are in every single one of your classes.

Thanks to the Clog, you’ll still be able to experience the iconic events of dead week while being stuck in quarantine!

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