Paw-lease stay home forever: Reasons why our dogs love quarantine

Anaisa Beldiaz/File

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As we enter another month of shelter in place, two things are becoming increasingly clear: Some folks absolutely love it, while some are going a bit crazy at home. However, there is one thing that’s been certain from the start — our pets are having a blast! I sure know my dog is. While many of us can’t wait to finally roam free again, our pets are probably hoping quarantine never ends. Now that their families are at home 24/7, our pups couldn’t be happier with all this newfound quality time together. So, in honor of our furry friends, here are a couple of reasons why they’re quarantine’s No. 1 fans.

They always have company

Pre-quarantine life could get a bit lonely for our fur babies, especially when we were all off at work and school. Of course, some of them had other fur siblings to keep them company, but it wasn’t the same. With the whole family home now, there’s never a moment alone — and that’s what they love best! Whether you’re watching TV, eating dinner, studying for exams or even taking a shower, they’re always there. Wherever you go, they happily follow, perfectly content to simply be by your side. 

The never-ending belly rubs

Previously, belly rubs were a luxury limited to the afternoons when the humans returned home from their busy days. Now, they’re as common as can be! With all pet owners at home, getting all the pets and cuddles in the world has never been so easy. By merely wandering around the house and nudging all hands in sight, our furry friends now have an unlimited supply of belly rubs all day, every day — ah, doggy heaven!

Daily walks

Before quarantine, many of us were often too busy to walk our dogs every day. Now that our gyms are closed and sports practices are canceled, we’ve been going on walks to stay active. Luckily for our pets, this involves them! Instead of hanging out at home all day, they get to spend more time exploring the neighborhood. We’re happy to get our exercise, and our dogs are excited to be out with their people — it’s a win-win for all.

Snacks throughout the day 

Did someone say quarantine cravings? Quarantine has increased both our own and our pets’s cravings for snacks! Whether you toss your pup the odd tidbit here and there during meals, or you’ve decided to teach them a new trick in your spare time, snacks are in no short supply. Our dogs are happily munching away.

Simply stated, quarantine has become heaven on earth for our pets. There are belly rubs to be had, snacks to be eaten and walks to go on! Although it might feel like we humans got the short end of the quarantine stick, the love goes both ways. Whether they’re making us laugh, keeping us from feeling alone or eating our snacks with us, our pets are always by our sides. This long period of shelter in place might be driving us a bit stir-crazy, but there is one thing we know for sure: Having our furry companions makes it infinitely better. And they’re hoping it never ends.

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