National Beverage Day: The lowdown on popular drinks

Josh Kahen/Staff

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As the heat slowly starts to creep in with the wonderfully bright sun to keep us company, we will all soon feel the urge to drink anything refreshing that’s in close proximity. We all have different preferences. Take water, for example: Some people prefer iced, some people prefer room temperature. Some prefer sparking, while others prefer flat. Drinks are a central part of life, whether it be literally, with water, or recreationally, such as with the latest dalgona coffee trend. Here is the lowdown on a few popular drinks you may have in your fridge right now.

Nondairy milk

You have this either because of your roommate who’s allergic to dairy or because you just wanted to try it out. One can argue that a tall glass of nondairy milk is a pretty standard breakfast. We personally prefer a cup with ice in it — a far less scandalous option than ice with your cereal and milk. The great thing about nondairy milk is that it is the most inclusive milk. Additionally, you can add it to baked goods and your coffee. If you know someone who swears by oat milk, they mean it.


Lemonade is a popular childhood drink, and it sparks feelings of summer in a cup. The combination of tart and sweet makes it taste like you’re drinking sour candy, and you can’t help but feel a little guilty. If this is your go-to splurge drink, then you are probably a child at heart and find the good in everyone.


A young adult staple. If you want to feel a little fancy while eating your takeout dinner at home, just pop one of these in the fridge for a few minutes, then enjoy. As an adult, it is easy to feel judged for drinking straight-up soda, but when you tell them you drink LaCroix, others’ perceptions of you immediately skyrocket. You become the face of sophistication. If first impressions are of utmost importance to you, then this is the drink for you.


This flavorful drink is known for its acidic punch. Many have tried this beverage, and a few can truly say it’s good without bluffing. If you want a good recommendation, we suggest the hibiscus kombucha from Tartine. It’s not too vinegary, so it’s a great option to start off with if you aren’t feeling the big-name brands. Liking kombucha is a great conversation starter and a prime example of how drinks have shaped a subculture.

A double-shot macchiato with skim milk, two pumps of vanilla, extra matcha foam and caramel drizzle

There isn’t much to say here except, what is going on? If you order this drink, you know exactly what you want in life, and no one can tell you otherwise, whether it be for better or for worse.


You are using this time for self-improvement, and that is going great for you. A little spot of tea is a great pick-me-up, and you can’t stop raving to your buds about the fanciful variations, such as Lemon Zinger and chamomile. You have to admit, half of the experience is the aroma of the hot leaf juice. Drinking tea is a hobby, and it is a great one. We will let boba count for this.

There you have it! A few common drinks we thought you all might have handy for this year’s National Beverage Day. We may not always hydrate, but on National Beverage Day, it’s a must. Stay golden, my friends.

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