‘Outer Banks’ characters as UC Berkeley students


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“Outer Banks” has taken the binge-watching community by storm these last few weeks. The new Netflix original follows a group of teens who are searching for one of the group members’ fathers who mysteriously disappeared months before. In the midst of their search, the teens become immersed in a whole new hunt for treasure that they discover is tied to the missing father.

This show will throw you through every loop possible, and there won’t be a moment you’re not on the edge of your seat! In addition to the intense storyline, the unique characters really make this show stand out. We at the Clog thought it would be fun to see what these characters would be like at UC Berkeley.

John B

John B has a heart of gold and never gives up without a fight. His passion for discovering the truth would definitely lead him to be a history major. Even though he is serious about his studies, John B loves to have a good time. He lives for his frat brothers, especially his best friend, JJ. John B would also be a member of the surf team, as he loves to shred the waves when he has time. In his spare time, he’s either going on random adventures around the Bay with his group of friends, lifting weights at the gym or spending quality time with his girlfriend, Sarah. 


JJ had a rough go of it on the Outer Banks, so he is thankful to call Berkeley his home. His love for the water translated into him being a marine biology major. When he’s not at his frat with John B or with the rest of their group, JJ is an advocate for children who suffered from domestic violence. Being a survivor of domestic violence himself, JJ started a club at UC Berkeley to help others who are going through the same thing. He is also a big supporter of marijuana, and he and his friend Kiara can be found at the local smoke shops often. 


Kiara has always been active in environmental issues and can be found at any protest that supports Earth. This passion led her to become an environmental studies major, through which she can continue learning about what she loves. In terms of clubs, she is president of a club for vegans and is also heavily involved in global warming movements on campus. When she’s not using her powers for the good of the world, she’s probably just chilling on the Glade, enjoying the beautiful UC Berkeley scenery.


All Pope ever wanted was to work hard in school, get a scholarship and make a good life for himself. After finally making it to UC Berkeley, his studies are his main priority. He always had a knack for numbers and determining if their plans would add up, so Pope would be an applied mathematics major. Pope would do anything for his friends, so of course, after JJ and John B gave him no choice, he also pledged the same frat. When he’s not there or studying, because he has so much experience working at his dad’s restaurant, he also has a job at a local restaurant on Telegraph. No matter what he’s doing, though, there’s no doubt he is simultaneously daydreaming about Kiara.


While Sarah was from the upper-class part of the island, her love for her small group of friends is unwavering. After the events that went down with her dad on the “Outer Banks,” she also is ready for a fresh start and a chance to make a new name for herself. Because of the different relationships in her life that make her question the way the world works, Sarah would be a sociology major. She is definitely in a sorority and very involved in it, but her friends always come first. You can find her studying at Caffè Strada or taking workout classes at the Recreational Sports Facility, but other than that, she just wants to adventure with her friends and hang out with John B.

While the Outer Banks of North Carolina is super different from Berkeley, it’s still so interesting to think about what the characters might be involved in if they were on our campus! I know I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing John B around UC Berkeley!

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