Quiz: To pass or not to pass?

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In light of our current circumstances and the tumultuous semester it has been, UC Berkeley decided to set the default grading option for this semester as pass/no pass. Unless a student wants to opt against the default, they are left with only two possibilities as to what grade they should aim for in the class, as opposed to the five different letter grades they would generally be trying to earn. The simplicity can be nerve-wracking. So, if you’re struggling to decide whether to shoot for the “pass” or stick with the “no pass,” we at the Clog have designed this quiz to help you figure it out!

  1. How close are you to passing right now?
    1. What are you talking about? I already passed it!
    2. I’m embarrassed to admit how far I am from passing.
    3. I gave up the second that classes moved online.
    4. If I studied for a few hours, I could probably pass it.
  2. Is this class a requirement for your major?
    1. I forgot what my major is.
    2. Yes, it relates exactly to what I’m studying.
    3. No, it’s just a breadth.
    4. Yes, but I could always fill the requirement with another class.
  3. How much time do you think you’ll need to study for the final to pass the class?
    1. No amount of studying will get me there.
    2. Four or five hours would do the trick.
    3. More time than I want to spend studying.
    4. I can pass without studying at all.
  4. How many Zoom lectures have you watched?
    1. I was at every single one, and I was that one kid who used the chat to ask plenty of questions.
    2. We still had lectures?
    3. I might’ve skipped a few, but I’m working on catching up now!
    4. I watched them, but I may have gotten distracted a couple times.
  5. What could you do with the three hours you’d spend taking the final?
    1. Those three hours have been blocked off on my calendar all semester — there’s no way I’m skipping the final.
    2. That seems like the perfect amount of time for a nap!
    3. I’d rather spend that time doing anything else. I’d even clean the bathroom.
    4. I could try out a new recipe or get a workout in during that time, but I could also save that until after the final.
  6. How close are you to finishing your current favorite Netflix show?
    1. I’ll finish this one and the next one on my list by the time finals are over.
    2. I have too much left to justify skipping the final.
    3. I swore off watching Netflix until I’m done with finals.
    4. I’ll just finish it while I take the final.
    1. Pass — it’s looks like you’re so close to passing the class that you may not even need to take the final. Although, given the work you’ve put in, you’re probably going to take it regardless of what we tell you to do. Keep up that strong work ethic!
    2. No pass — it seems like you’ve had other priorities this semester. It’s probably better to let this one go and try again once we’ve returned to a normal format of classes. Go ahead and finish that Netflix show! And the next one on your list too!
    3. It could go either way — if you’re willing to put in the effort, you could do well on the final, but if you’re not feeling it, you can cut your losses and move on. We trust you to make the best decision for your future.
    4. Go for the letter grade — you’re so committed to the class that you should switch to a letter grade before it’s too late! Your hard work paid off here, and you may as well finish off strong by shooting for the highest letter grade you can get.

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