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Quiz: Which type of UC Berkeley alum will you be?

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MAY 07, 2020

As this academic year comes to a close, so does the college experience for most seniors. They’re dealing with a plethora of emotions, from the excitement of taking their next step into the workforce to the sad realization that they’re leaving collegiate life behind. There is no need to fret! There are plenty of ways for alumni to stay connected with UC Berkeley long after the days of all-nighters in Moffitt. Take this quiz to find out what type of UC Berkeley alum you’ll be after you graduate! Will you ever really leave?


  1. It’s early in the morning! What can’t you start the day without?
    1. Espresso, baby!
    2. A nice and soothing cup of tea.
    3. Do you really think I’d be awake before 11?
    4. Some OJ, and maybe a bit of champagne …
  2. You’re ready to take a break to eat some lunch. What’s your go-to?
    1. A fresh salad, Ladle and Leaf-style.
    2. Chips and guac will never disappoint! 
    3. Maybe some sushi — it really depends on my mood.
    4. Skittles and yerba mate. Habits are hard to break.
  3.  It’s finally the weekend! How are you celebrating?
    1. Dancing the night away in the club!
    2. It’s Netflix time!
    3. Can you still play beer pong after you graduate?
    4. I’m in the mood for a spontaneous road trip.
  4. Your career dreams came true! What are you doing?
    1. Silicon Valley has never seen a better coder.
    2. I’m a freelancer! New York City or Los Angeles? Find me living in both.
    3. Consulting, living the fast life, Chicago-style.
    4. Continuing as a grad student. They’ll never make me leave! 
  5. What will you miss most about college?
    1. My professors. They really shaped me into the person I am today.
    2. Cal Day! It still stings a little.
    3. Is it normal to miss something?
    4. The silence of Main Stacks at 3 a.m.
  6. Choose a place to retire.
    1. Florida all the way. Peace out, Cali!
    2. Lake Tahoe. I’m skiing as long as I can.
    3. I developed an app. I’m already retired. 
    4. You think I know where I want to retire?
    1. You’re an immortal frat bro! Graduation day for you may mean moving into the workforce, but it doesn’t mean you can’t bring along your favorite die table and EDM tracks. Plus, you’ll have Parents Weekend to rage like the good old days. 
    2. You’re the grad student! Academics are forever. Just because you finished undergrad doesn’t mean your days of grinding for exams are over. Your passion for learning will take you through rewarding years of staying in the world of academia. Will you even miss undergrad?
    3. You never left … Just because they said you couldn’t enroll doesn’t mean you have to leave. No matter where life takes you careerwise, it won’t take you out of the Bay, continuing to live your glory days! Besides, who would want to live without seeing the Campanile every day? 
    4. College was not your jam, and you’re never coming back! Whether it was the stress of academics or the lack of participation from others in group projects, you’re over all of it. Getting invited to alumni events is the bane of your existence. Once you close the college chapter, you never want to revisit it. The workforce is the best thing that ever happened to you. 



Summer Kailani is the blog editor. Contact Summer Kailani at [email protected]ilycal.org.

MAY 07, 2020