The adoption of a tabby cat named Tito: A poem

finding good in the ordinary
Sam Albillo/File

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When the world went on pause, 

A baby-blue-eyed cat named Tito 

An orange tabby to be exact

Licked his paws


Then, a man, a dog man 

Swooped curiously to touch his mane 

To take him home 


Tito watched the man drink his first cup of coffee

That steamed like a sauna 

He watched the pancakes flip and

Sizzle on the griddle 


The dog’s eyes glistened 

Looking up at the pancakes  

A puppy grin, 

Then a frown,

Looking up

Looking down. 


The baby’s chubby cheeks grew and grew

Only to freeze

Full dimple

Caught by her mother’s tease

Mid baby-laugh


The cat named Tito bobbed his orange head

Unfazed by the ‘cakes 

Or the dog 

Or the baby, who looked at him with laughter

Then with dimpled dread

Stretching her chubby arm to pet that head


But then Tito looked at the baby’s eyes

Of bright blue

Like Tito’s 

And he, for her


To purr

And nod


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