The patience to keep going: A reminder not to give up

Patience to keep going reminder not to give up
Wikimedia/Creative Commons

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I do not know about the rest of you all, but as of late, I have wanted to throw in the towel on multiple occasions. Perhaps some of you can relate to that. Others may have been gifted with the light of motivation as we are so close to being done with the semester. And, if that’s you, we at the Clog send our claps and whistles! But for the rest of you who may feel like your patience is thinning when it comes to finishing the semester out or completing projects related to school, we hear and feel that!

School and life have lost a lot of their zest this semester. With the loss of routine, for many, patience is wearing thin. The patience to get through the semester, to participate in classes via Zoom, to take remote finals, to be home, to work on projects, to exist and so on may be lower than usual.

But the point here isn’t to get caught in the dangerous spiral of things we have lost or our lack of patience to proceed forward. The point here is to tell you not to give up! We at the Clog beg of you not to give up and to find the patience to keep going with the things that you need and want to get done. We believe you can do it! I mean, at the end of the day, all we can ever do is try.

If we in the virtual sphere, whom you most likely do not know, believe that you can and should keep going, then there is little reason for you not to believe it! You have the strength to go on (probably more than you realize) with whatever it is you may be struggling to complete.

By not giving up and instead continuing to go forward, you may open yourself to opportunities that you never thought were possible! Sure, times are especially uncertain right now. But with uncertainty and finding the patience in that uncertainty to finish the things we have started, may come a joyous result. And if not joyous, perhaps another moment for learning, which is always a plus.

Of course, take this whole “Keep going, do not give up!” sentiment with a grain of salt. Do not push yourself in ways that are toxic to your health, and be mindful of what you need to do to feel and be stable.

There are some things we simply do not have control over, and it is totally reasonable to feel bogged down and stagnant! But we also have to try not to get stuck there, in those feelings of being bogged down. We have got to try to find the silver linings and motivation to keep ourselves thriving!

So, if you are in “throw in the towel” mode at the moment, slow down for a second, take a breath and remember that you have got this. Be patient with yourself and the things you were aiming to get done, and hold on to find the esteem to move forward with your tasks, situations and goals.

Naturally, this is all easier said than done. We at the Clog know that! But that doesn’t mean that we aren’t going to say it to anyone who is looking for the encouragement! We are just here to give you a friendly reminder.

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