The Clog’s guide to a productive finals week at home

Vanessa Lim/Staff

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The idea of finals week at home can be daunting to many UC Berkeley students, and we at the Clog have found that so far, the week is turning out to be about as unproductive as we predicted. If you have similarly found yourself struggling to build up the motivation to study without study groups to work with or libraries to focus at, these tips are for you.

Follow a routine every day

This first tip applies to any academic week, but is especially important given our current circumstances. By creating a schedule for each day, you’ll ensure that you maximize your time by including time for studying, exercising and anything else you might want to accomplish between exams.

Get exercise to get your brain moving

It’s no secret that getting exercise has been proven to improve both your mental and physical well-being. There’s no more important time to exercise than during finals season. It may seem like a waste of time that you could spend studying, but it’s sure to improve your productivity later on. There are home workouts for every type of person, whether you’re somewhat lazy or more active!

Set aside a separate part of your house to take your exams 

Just because you can’t go to your favorite library or classroom right now doesn’t mean you can’t study or take your exams in a different location! Even if it just means moving from your bed to your desk, switching your perspective and designating a place solely for taking a test will help to get you in the zone and increase your focus.

Hang out with some furry friends

I’m sure we’re all missing the famous llamas on Memorial Glade and the destress dogs on Sproul Plaza that make their appearances around this time. Though you probably don’t have a llama to hang out with, you can spend some time with your pet. If you don’t have a pet, watching cute animal videos on YouTube or TikTok will have almost the same effect.

Take breaks to do something fun

Even if you have some superhuman powers that allow you to study for an entire week straight without breaks, we don’t recommend that anyone do this. Taking a break every once in a while is not the end of the world and will probably help you out later! Whether it’s calling a friend to check in, doing some crafts, baking your favorite treat, online shopping or even watching Netflix, you deserve the break.

Remember that we’re living in a stressful time

We’ve never been in a situation like the one we’re in right now, and therefore there’s a lot of uncertainty in the world. It can be hard for everyone to focus on schoolwork right now. Keeping this in mind and going easy on yourself as you prepare for finals is super important. You can’t expect to have the same productivity levels as you have had in past exam seasons, so accepting this early on is the first step toward success!

Though we know that studying this semester hasn’t been easy, we at the Clog hope these tips help you to increase your productivity. Happy finals week!

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