Companies honor health care workers for National Nurses Week

Wikimedia/Creative Commons

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From May 6 to May 12, National Nurses Week is being celebrated by multiple companies across the country, including Chipotle Mexican Grill and Starbucks.

In addition to Starbucks and Chipotle, companies such as Dunkin’ and CeraVe are taking part in the celebration.

Starbucks is offering a free iced or hot tall coffee to first responders and front-line health care workers and will continue doing so until the end of May, according to a press release. As of April 23, according to its website, Starbucks had served 1 million free cups of coffee to first responders and health care workers.

“For many of those working long hours caring for those who are sick or in need, a cup of coffee can represent a bright spot in their day and give them a much-needed boost,” the press release states.

CeraVe, a company that sells skin care products, said on its website that it is donating 250,000 CeraVe products to hospitals and health centers. The website also notes that the company is producing hand sanitizer, which will be supplied solely to nurses and hospitals.

“Every day, medical professionals hold the health of others in their dependable hands,” the CeraVe website states. “Their dedication to supporting, protecting and caring for patients makes a daily difference … and also takes a daily toll.”

Members of the Berkeley Fire Department and the Berkeley Police Department joined other first responders in the Bay Area to celebrate nurses May 7, according to the BPD Twitter page.

The various first responder departments held signs and drove by hospitals in the area with their sirens on to salute the workers, as depicted in multiple BPD tweets.

On National Nurses Day, May 6, health care workers were able to request burritos for their workplaces from Chipotle, according to Chipotle spokesperson Tyler Benson.

Chipotle donated 100,000 burritos through its “4HEROES” buy one, give one program — according to the company’s website, each time a digital customer named their burrito order “4HEROES” from April 21 to 26, Chipotle pledged to donate a burrito to a medical professional.

“We wanted to give a huge thank you to our healthcare heroes who are working tirelessly to treat patients across the country,” Benson said in an email.

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