Don’t have any plans for summer? Why you should buy 100 ice pops

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Brianna Luna/Staff

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Last summer, my friend and I were perusing the endless aisles of Target when we stumbled upon boxes and boxes of 100 ice pops. We were stunned because we’d never seen anything like it before. On top of that, who would have any use for that many frozen treats? Who would even have space in their freezer? The questions were endless, so we decided to stop asking questions and just buy two boxes.

Since then, we’ve learned a lot about the benefits of so many ice pops, so read on if you desire to make your summer more interesting. 

Ice pops are the perfect late-night snack

Let me set the scene: It’s 1 a.m., and you’ve just finished rewatching “Tiger King” on Netflix for the third time. Any good TV binge must begin or end with a snack. But you told yourself you’d stop eating past 8 p.m. because health stuff, blah blah blah. Well, lucky for you, these ice pops are mostly ice, but they are still sweet enough to satisfy your snack cravings. 

It’s comforting to open the freezer and see ice pops upon ice pops

Whenever I open the fridge or freezer, I’m always surprised by what’s in there. But if you have a hundred ice pops in your freezer, chances are they’ll be in there for a while. So from then on, every time you open the freezer, you can guarantee you’ll see ice pops. Wouldn’t it be nice to have some stability in the midst of chaos?

You eat some while you go on a walk 

One night during the summer, my friend and I couldn’t sleep. It was 2 a.m., and I decided ice pops would help us. We got ourselves some and went on a walk, and it turned out to be very therapeutic. We had a lovely conversation while consuming our ice pops, and after, I slept like a baby.

You can eat as many as you want in one sitting without feeling gross

Have you ever eaten something so good you just want to keep eating it until it fills the void in your soul? I used to do this with cookies and potato chips until I realized that I didn’t feel too great after. They weren’t filling my snack void. But ever since I discovered the magical world of ice pops, I’ve learned I can eat five, even 10, in a row without feeling icky. I only feel like I drank flavored water. That’s a win-win, baby.

They’re a good substitute for nervous habits 

Are you a nervous person? If so, you might have some detrimental habits that you use to cope. Today, I, a certified doctor (I’m joking, so please don’t quote me on that), have come to you with the answer: ice pops. When you feel yourself going in circles, needing something to distract you, go to the freezer. Grab an ice pop and ingest it. The act of breaking up the ice pop and slurping it out is a ritual in itself that is a relaxing distraction from your worries.

You can use them to make slushies 

It’s going to be summer soon, which means you and your friends will be having pool parties over Zoom! No pool party is complete without a refreshing, ice-cold drink for everyone to get a brain freeze with. If you’re sick of eating ice pops the normal way, throw them in a blender, add some juice and enjoy! The easiest slushie ever.

That’s a lot of plastic, but here are some ways to reuse it after!

In light of being environmentally conscious, I realize that a hundred ice pops generate a lot of plastic waste. While you cannot buy the ice pops without the plastic, you can put the plastic to good use instead! You can make an art piece with the plastic, make a model house, or wash it out and use it to make your own ice pops over and over again!

We’re not sure what summer will look like yet, but it’s coming fast. If summer has to be spent indoors, there’s no reason why it can’t be fun. I encourage you, Bears, to buy 100 ice pops and see how fun you can make your summer!

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