‘Voices (Will ‘Franklin’ Chapman Remix)’ is soulful collaboration between singer Daniel Heffington, Colony House drummer Will Franklin Chapman

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Grade: 4.0 /5.0

On May 1, Daniel Heffington released “Voices (Will “Franklin” Chapman Remix),” a remake of his original single by the same name. Heffington is a Virginia-based singer-songwriter with a distinct folk vibe, while the creative force behind the remix, Will Franklin Chapman, is the drummer for indie rock band Colony House. While sheltering in place in Tennessee, Chapman remixed Heffington’s single “Voices” with his own soulful interpretation of the song’s vulnerable lyrics. 

In an email exchange with The Daily Californian, Heffington explained that he has long been a fan of Chapman’s drumming and rhythmic talents and was extremely excited for them to collaborate. Heffington disclosed that his vocals are the only original element within the remix, as Chapman redesigned the entire musical composition of the song. 

While “Voices” was a wonderful single in itself, Chapman’s remix takes it in a whole new, and equally enjoyable, direction. The original “Voices” is composed of real instrument production and a combination of singing and rapping from Heffington, all grounded in a groovy, Justin Timberlake vibe. Heffington’s voice moves within a relatively high-pitched register throughout, adding a lighter texture to the beat-heavy track.

“Voices (Will “Franklin” Chapman Remix),” however, takes a distinctively different approach from the original, reworking the entire musical foundation and overall vibe into a moody yet symphonic exploration of electronic beats and raw drums. 

The song begins with an eery echoing of keys, which fades into a sudden rushing of synths and a stark vocal “Yeah!” Following this headrush, a symphony of electronic beats emerges, enmeshed in the rise and fall of modern syncs and grounded by Chapman’s drums.

A patterned array of murky electronic beats takes over to back Heffington’s raw lyrical rapping as the rattle of percussion shakes the entire foundation. The original “Voices” melded the lyrics to the instrumentals, toning them down to an extent. Chapman’s remix, however, layers the lyrics cleanly on top, allowing the emotion of Heffington’s voice and his words to fully resonate with the listener. 

An urgent, booming drumbeat breaks into play for the chorus, fading out again as the electronic rhythm resumes. The song progresses with this interplay of electronic beats and drum beats throughout, introducing twitchy syncs and other subtle pulses of synthesis here and there. 

With a minute left to the song, the post-chorus of “Voices, in my head/ No I can’t take no more” fades into an enticing echo of melody, with rapidly rising electronic beats dancing among the lyrics. The song ends with drawn-out vibrations of synthesis and Chapman’s unique creation of rapid drumbeat magic. 

“Voices (Will “Franklin” Chapman Remix)” is a soulful representation of the fight to resist the voices that seek to wreak havoc and spread self-doubt within us. Running throughout the song is an anxious background of electronic beats, foregrounded by Heffington’s powerful voice and Chapman’s confident beats, that infuses this single with an instrumental analogy of strength. “Voices (Will “Franklin” Chapman Remix)” is a masterful collaboration of lyrics and instrumentals, drastically different from the original “Voices” and beautifully vulnerable in its production.

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