Tired of Netflix and TikTok? Here are different ways to spend time during quarantine

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Are you running out of ways to keep yourself occupied during the lockdown? Tired of Netflix, TikTok and mindlessly scrolling through Instagram where everyone has suddenly become a chef? If so, you’ve come to the right place. The Clog’s got you covered with new, wholesome ways you can spend time during quarantine!

A couple of days back, I was in the same position and was pestering my grandparents to tell me their childhood stories and stories from my mom’s childhood to pass the time. My grandma decided to bring out the big guns, and she unearthed all the photo albums collecting dust in the loft. Thus ensued an entire day of poring over the numerous albums from the black-and-white images of my grandparents’ youth to my parents’ wedding, and even pictures of my cousin and I from when we were much younger.

I didn’t even realize how quickly the time passed as I looked at the pictures and managed to coax the backstory of every picture from my grandparents. Looking at old memories and reminiscing about the years that have passed is a happy, fun way of spending time with your family! There’s nothing like watching old home videos and reliving all those special moments!

Furthermore, last week, instead of merely video calling my high school friends to catch up like we usually do, my friend who loves quizzes had an innovative idea to have an enjoyable round of trivia over Zoom, which was a significant success! It was a lively session, and I learned so much while also having a lot of fun! Putting a simple twist on things can make seemingly tedious tasks incredibly refreshing while everyone has a good time!

Another rule I have at home is to avoid obsessively discussing COVID-19 news. Before, I used to stay up to date with everything and behaved like a news station myself, spewing numbers and statistics from each day and reading and sharing a million articles about the most recent developments. But come mid-April, I completely stopped discussing or looking at the latest statistics, which I believe has done wonders. Talking about other things with family without the pandemic taking the forefront of every conversation has allowed us to maintain our inner peace.

Finally, this is the perfect opportunity to talk to your cousins, grandparents and relatives. I’ve had a couple of Zoom calls with my extended family and relatives who are staying all over the world, from the United States to India, to Hong Kong to London. There’s always so much to talk about! Since we are all in the same boat, utilize the time to form meaningful connections with family and friends.

So there you have it! Let us know how you are finding newer ways to keep yourselves busy!

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