How to make this summer feel a bit more normal

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You’ve finally made it through another semester at UC Berkeley, and boy, was it a semester. Now is your chance to relax and get some vacationing done. Of course, since you’re sheltering in place, you still might run into a problem trying to really make it feel like summer. To help you feel like you’re having a lovely summer break, here are some tips on making your quarantine feel a bit more like a typical summer.

Lay a beach towel in a sunny spot

Nothing feels more like summer than sunbathing on a beach. With some beaches closed, you’ll have to find a substitute. So, why not lay out a towel in a spot of sunshine and get your sunbathing done there? It’s a great way to feel that lazy warmth of summer and relax.

Put a houseplant by a fan

Palm trees and tropical shrubs blowing in the ocean breeze make a very summery image. While you’re stuck in one place, you can imitate that image with a plant and an electric fan. You might just be able to imagine you’re on a tropical vacation with the leaves rustling in the wind of the fan.

Summer-themed scented candles

Scented candles can seem like more of a fall or winter holiday item, but the right scent might just be the thing to make it feel like summer. Pick a scent that’ll remind you of a past summer adventure or memory and use the candle to take you back to those times. You could even sit by the candle at night and watch it like it was a campfire on a summer camping trip.

Browse through a beach read in your backyard

Maybe you’ve run out of things to watch and rewatch and are looking for something new. Well, a trashy summer beach read might be just the thing you need. The book’s fast-paced plots and lovely locales might be just the thing to make this feel like a fun and relaxing summer.


Chances are your summer job or internship has been canceled. That means there’s no reason you shouldn’t take some time to unwind and relax. It is summer break after all. This past semester has been stressful, so find a way to get away from everything, let everything go and truly relax. You deserve it!

Summer can be a fun time, even during social distancing. Hopefully, these tips will help you get some good unwinding and fun out of your summer break.

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