UC President Janet Napolitano announces pay freeze for some staff, takes 10% cut in salary

Aslesha Kumar/File

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UC President Janet Napolitano issued a freeze on salaries for certain staff employees and on salary scales for nonstudent academic appointees Monday in an email to staff and faculty.

She added that the freeze was made in response to coronavirus-related economic shortfalls, including an estimated $1.2 billion loss between mid-March and April and a proposed $372 million reduction in state funding. The email also states that Napolitano and the 10 chancellors in the UC system will each be taking a voluntary pay cut of 10%.

“Needless to say, this significant loss of revenue is having an enormous negative effect on our budgets,” Napolitano said in the email. “We are a strong organization and will work over time to address our losses and recover.”

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