Reasons why your middle school life is coming back

Middle School
Josh Kahen/Staff

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This summer is weirder than most other summers. Things are probably not going the way you expected them to go when you planned out your break back in the wintertime. One of the odd things about this bizarre time is how much this summer is like traveling back in time to middle school. From the pop culture to the conditions, here are ways this year is just like middle school.

A new “Hunger Games” book has come out

“The Hunger Games” was a popular series during middle school. Oddly enough, a prequel to that series has recently been published, years after the final film came out and many more since the last book was published. It’s made this series, which was a crowd favorite in middle school, relevant once again. It may even take you back to those pubescent days when you first became a fan of the thrilling book or saw the movies.

A new “Twilight” book is coming out

“Midnight Sun” is a new book that takes the events of “Twilight,” but tells them from Edward’s perspective. Here is yet another case of a book reviving a popular franchise, and with (but not exclusively) middle school students as the target audience. If you were one of those middle school kids who enjoyed “Twilight,” this book might send you right back to those brace-faced times.

You’re never home alone

Books aren’t the only things bringing your middle school days back. Social distancing itself might be making you feel like a puberty-struck child trapped at home. When you were in middle school, chances are your parents wouldn’t let you be home alone most of the time, even though you thought you were old enough. Now, you’re probably confined at home with your parents and never get the house to yourself. It’s just like when you were stuck in middle school.

Everything’s a bit scary and uncertain

The pandemic can be stressful. It’s hard to know what’s going to happen and when life may return to what it was. The same can be said for middle school. It’s a time of changes and uncertainty, and all of that can make it very stressful. Lucky for you, you got through middle school, and you will get through this pandemic. You just might experience some similar stresses to your brace-faced days in the meantime.

Most people do not consider middle school to be their favorite part of their lives. This period of time will probably also go down as something you didn’t particularly enjoy. It may seem like this is starting to become like a year in middle school as well. We at the Clog wish you the best of luck!

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