What your choice in face masks says about you

Illustration of 3 people wearing masks -- a bandanna, a plain mask, and a patterned mask
Armaan Mumtaz/Staff

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Wearing a face mask is the current norm in an effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus. With this necessary accessory in everyone’s wardrobe, a whole realm of variety has been opened up. On our daily neighborhood walks, we at the Clog have noticed that the type of face mask a person chooses to wear can reveal some telling aspects of their personality. Here are the different masks as personality types.

Paper, store-bought masks

Whether it’s an N95 or just a simple paper mask, the person who sports this option was prepared to buy these masks before they sold out. Maybe they even predicted that we’d all need masks ahead of time. Although the disposable nature of these masks means they’re not the most environmentally friendly option, this person is still staying safe!

Fabric, store-bought masks

People who choose to wear a fabric, store-bought mask like to be safe and secure. Maybe they are supporting a local business, or maybe they don’t have the fabric to make a mask themselves. Whatever their motive is, one thing’s for sure: They trust someone else to make their mask much more than they trust themselves.

Simple homemade masks

The simple homemade mask is made up of a rectangle of fabric with some elastic attached to secure it. The people who wear this mask are the ones who don’t have a ton of sewing experience or time to fuss over it, but still want to sport a sustainable option.

Complicated homemade masks

These fancier designs can be spotted by their intricate patterns that result in a more secure fit around the face. Those who wear this mask are either pro seamstresses waiting in the shadows for their time to shine, or amateur sewers who get excited by the prospect of mastering a new skill. They either have a lot of free time to spend making masks or are using this as a form of productive procrastination.

Using a bandana or scarf

If you simply tie a bandana or scarf around your head to cover your nose and mouth, odds are you’re somewhat laid-back and environmentally conscious. Maybe you don’t want to go through the effort of buying a standard mask or are hoping for an environmentally friendly and reusable option. So, you went for the next best thing: looking for something that you already have to serve as a mask. You can make anything work with your thrifty ideas.

Whichever style of mask you choose to wear, we at the Clog applaud you for protecting yourself and others!

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