Alameda County Superior Court expands traffic trial capabilities, continues stay on eviction hearings

Audrey McNamara/File

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The Alameda County Superior Court will see more traffic trials in coming weeks, after the court’s Thursday announcement that some in-person traffic trial opportunities will resume and more will be held through videoconference.

For traffic trial defendants who have not agreed to a remote trial and have not had time waived, the court will be conducting in-person trials beginning June 16. Those who qualify for an in-person trial will be notified by mail with more information.

The court is also expanding the number of traffic trials it will hear each week remotely, as it is “encouraged by the success of the Court’s initial remote traffic trials and the expression of public interest,” according to the announcement. Beginning June 1, the court will more than double the number of remote traffic trials conducted via videoconference each session and expand its operations to five days per week.

The court also announced the continuation of its stay on unlawful detainer proceedings, which include eviction hearings, through June 14.

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