Alameda County, Berkeley update shelter-in-place orders, allow additional activity

Addison Briggs/File

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Alameda County and the city of Berkeley updated their shelter-in-place orders Friday to allow additional activities to resume as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

Both updates allow for small gatherings of up to 12 individuals among people from different households in outdoor spaces, allow child care for nonessential workers’ children and let educational institutions offer internships and pathway programs.

The Berkeley order, which goes into effect Monday, adds that those in the gatherings must be “stable” for at least three weeks, meaning they only interact with individuals in the group, and people older than the age of 12 must wear face coverings.

People in Berkeley are required to have a visible face covering when they are outside of their home and must wear it when they are within 30 feet of other people, according to the order.

Additionally, the orders permit libraries to open for curbside pickups and allow certain businesses with low personal contact, such as dog walkers and residential house cleaners, to resume operations. They also give site-specific protection plans for businesses currently able to operate.

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