‘Queer Eye’ Fab 5 as types of people in quarantine

queer eye's fab 5 types of people in quarantine

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Netflix’s release of the fifth season of “Queer Eye” is quickly approaching. As we at the Clog began to get excited about watching the extraordinary makeovers the Fab Five give to well-deserving individuals, we started to realize that the Fab Five personalities perfectly resemble the various types of people we’ve seen emerging in quarantine. Read on to find out which one you most closely resemble!

Bobby Berk: The home makeover extraordinaire

On the show, Bobby is tasked with fixing up the recipient’s house or workspace. He works wonders with his interior design genius to maximize space in even the smallest houses and create a personalized environment. Therefore, Bobby is the person who has taken their time in quarantine to fix up their home. You can find him at his local hardware store or Home Depot every other day because, once he finishes one project, he can’t help starting on another. Once he’s allowed to host guests at his house again, they’ll be shocked by the major transformation it’s undergone.

Karamo Brown: The self-reflective

Karamo’s emphasis on the show is all about cultivating self-growth and reflection for the episode’s subject. He helps them deal with situations that might be preventing them from reaching their full potential or that they wouldn’t otherwise face. Every morning of quarantine, you can find Karamo streaming yoga or meditation classes in his garden. He tends to take many solitary walks to clear his head throughout the day. When he’s not getting in touch with his inner self, he’s sure to call all of his family and friends to check in on them.

Tan France: The wardrobe repurposer

Tan’s focus in the show is everything wardrobe-related. He helps the subjects dress in ways that reflect their true personality and are the most flattering to their body types. Tan was obviously hampered by the inability to shop in brick-and-mortar stores, but he’s taken to repurposing old clothes he’s found around his house to make up for this. He’ll be emerging from quarantine in an entirely new wardrobe that isn’t actually new at all!

Antoni Porowski: The bread baker

In the show, Antoni helps the subjects either learn to cook healthy meals for themselves or broaden their culinary horizons. Therefore, he’s spent most of his time during quarantine in the kitchen. He’s most definitely perfected his homemade sourdough loaf by now and is moving onto other types of bread. He bakes and cooks so much that he makes frequent deliveries to his friends and neighbors of all the food he can’t eat himself.

Jonathan Van Ness: The one who cuts their hair

With the closure of hair salons and the guarantee that you won’t be seen in public for a good while, many people have started experimenting with cutting their own hair in quarantine. This falls right into Jonathan’s alley as the one who focuses on grooming. When he’s not experimenting with new hairstyles, you can find him practicing his strut in heels for the second he’s allowed to go out again, or giving himself his own spa day.

Whether you’ve been exploring in the kitchen or finding new ways to wear your clothes, you can probably find a little bit of inspiration from the Fab Five in however you’ve chosen to spend your time. We can’t wait for even more inspiration to strike when season five is released!

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