Public-facing BART employee tests positive for COVID-19


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A BART employee in a public-facing position tested positive for COVID-19, the first of the company’s front-line employees to do so.

According to a press release from BART, the employee worked their last shift Sunday ā€” during which they physical distanced and wore a mask and gloves ā€” and is now in quarantine. Contact tracing performed by BART showed the employee did not have any close connections with the public, but spent time in stations and on trains throughout the system. Employees the person came in contact with have been informed and isolated for testing.

BART stations and trains are regularly cleaned, according to the press release, including fogging cars with disinfectant every 24 hours, wiping down cars at the end of each run and cleaning stations multiple times per day and janitor shift.

Before this case, two other BART employees, both “behind-the-scenes” workers, tested positive for COVID-19 in past weeks and came up negative for contact tracing. Both have recovered, according to the press release.

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