How horror movies show a silver lining to canceled summer plans


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There’s a good chance that some of your summer plans have been ruined by social distancing. This can be disheartening. After a long and stressful semester, a relaxing summer where you can do what you want is quite appealing. With all the restrictions in place, you might be feeling like you are missing out. Horror movies can show you that you’re not really missing out on anything. Here are some films that show how your previous summer plans could have gone horrifically wrong.

Being a camp counselor: “Friday the 13th”

Summer jobs are a good way to earn money over the summer, and no summer job is more iconic than a camp counselor. It’s also an iconic job in the horror genre. There are plenty of horror films that show summer camp counselors getting brutally murdered, simply by staying at the camp. “Friday the 13th” is an excellent example of these movies since the characters who are attacked are the ones working as camp counselors. Maybe this horror film will make you feel a little better that the camp you wanted to work at is closed.

Going to the beach: “Jaws”

This film is almost an odd parable for our current times. A public space is kept open despite the danger to residents because it would help the town’s economy. The situation these days does not involve a deadly shark, but there is still a risk of going to the beach. The movie may also make you think twice about going swimming in the ocean, which could make you feel better about steering clear of the water.

Vacationing with friends: “The Cabin in the Woods”

Spending time with friends at a cabin or vacation home can be a great way to relax and have fun. With everyone social distancing in their respective homes, you probably won’t get the chance to do that this summer. To feel a little better, you could watch one of the many movies where a group of college students goes to a secluded cabin or house and gets killed or frightened. “The Cabin in the Woods” is a perfect example of one of these types of movies. The last portion of the movie is also about as insane as this year, making it somewhat relatable.

Spending summer abroad: “Midsommar”

Many study abroad trips have been canceled, including ones that took place over the summer. If you’re lamenting that you couldn’t do your summer or research trip abroad this summer, then give the film “Midsommar” a watch. Many of the characters travel to a Swedish village to study the village’s summer solstice rituals for their dissertations. Things turn horrific, and it shows that staying in a foreign country far away from home isn’t always wonderful, and can sometimes end horribly.

You should not let these films scare you away from any of these activities. Once it is safe to do so, engage in whatever activities or vacation ideas you have. In the meantime, use the horror genre to feel a little better about your current predicament, because at least you’re not in a character in a horror movie.

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