Shantay to slay: Week 2 of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars’ brings celeb crushes, chaotic Miz

Drag Race 2

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We’re back, and this time there’s no minichallenge! This week, the queens must get into groups for their next maxichallenge — writing and performing their own verses to the show’s single, “I’m in Love,” based on their celebrity crushes. Because India won last week’s challenge, Ru calls her out and asks India to name her biggest competitors. India (unsurprisingly) chooses Shea and Blair, who join her as team captains of the challenge. 

India, Jujubee and Alexis make up one team, serving major “Full House” realness with Jujubee’s iconic verse dedicated to John Stamos. Alexis takes the lead with the team’s choreography, training her team to perfection by bringing sexy back with her Justin Timberlake-inspired verse. Though India is team captain, her performance falls short when she hits the main stage, easily making her the weak link of the group. 

Shea, Mariah and Ongina make up the next team. Shea serves as a gorgeous team captain, whipping her team in shape with stunning choreo that puts the other teams to shame. However, Ongina, battling both losing her voice and tea with Miz, cracks under the pressure on the main stage. Mariah also doesn’t bring much to the table, stepping back with Ongina to let Shea steal the spotlight. 

Blair and her teammates, Miz and Mayhem, easily bring the most spice to the competition. Miz, already having sparked drama with Ongina, continues to cause beef in the Werk Room prior to their performance on the main stage. 

After critiquing Mayhem’s Mister Rogers-inspired verse and attempting to control the team’s choreo, Blair speaks up in the Werk Room, calling Miz egotistical and telling her: “I love you, but you can be difficult.” Though Miz has been causing major drama, she emotionally admits that she struggles with connecting to others, and the drama subsides. Miz’s team then arguably performs the best, garnering major laughs for Blair’s Hannibal Lecter crush. 

After these performances, the “Love the Skin You’re In” runway allows the queens to individually serve some fun and fresh body-positive looks. Jujubee looks sickening in a stunning champagne gown and Blair stuns the judges with a bubblegum pink dress, but Shea’s jaw-dropping sequined bodysuit makes her competition quake with jealousy. 

Shea’s stunning runway look, coupled with her iconic verse in the maxichallenge, pushes her over the edge, putting her on top for the night. However, Ongina, India and Mariah’s mediocre performances put all three of them on the bottom. 

In the Werk Room, emotions are high as the three queens deliberate with Shea and the rest of the group. Ongina specifically feels the heat of the competition, admitting that she wanted to stay, but felt the other two queens deserved it more than her. 

After the queens placed their votes, Shea was ready to lip-sync for her legacy against this week’s mystery lip-sync assassin: the legendary Alyssa Edwards. Despite Alyssa’s iconic lip-sync reputation, Shea easily shimmies her way to victory, getting a $20,000 tip and the power to vote out one of the bottom queens. 

Though Ongina was a fan favorite in “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” Shea gives her the chop. This prompts an emotional goodbye for Ongina and the rest of the queens; she expresses her gratitude directly to Ru before tearfully sashaying away. 

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