Fun, creative ways to work out while grocery shopping

Trader Joes
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In today’s fast-paced world, there seems to be so much to do in so little time. As a result, my exercise routine often gets pushed aside. However, they don’t call us the generation of multitaskers for nothing! I intertwine exercising into my grocery shopping routine, which allows me to get a workout in and have a little fun while I shop. Here are a few tips for doing both simultaneously.

Get that heart rate up

First things first, park a little farther from the store than usual for a longer walk. Nothing like a little cardio to start your workout!

Stretch those muscles 

As you wait to enter the store (6 feet apart!), do some stretches to warm up your body. Do the flamingo stretch by grabbing one leg at a time from the back and holding it. Crisscross your arms, giving them a nice 20-second tug on each side. You can do any stretch while you’re making your way to the front. Just make sure your legs and arms are loose and ready to go.

Strengthen your calves 

As you reach for items on higher shelves, pause and hold this tiptoe position to work your calves. Then, add in some regular calf raises once you’ve grabbed hold of your item to help strengthen your calf muscles. Heel raises can also help improve your balance. 

Build up your quads 

As you gather items from lower shelves, squat down instead of bending over. Squats not only help your booty, but also build muscles in your quads!

Tone your waist 

As you try to decide which snacks to buy, keep your feet grounded, place both hands on your hips and twist back and forth to either side. This can help develop a flatter stomach and tighter hips. Plus, after all this exercise, you can indulge in whatever snacks you want. You’ve earned it!

Work those biceps 

As you grab items on the heavier side, such as a gallon of milk, do a few bicep curls before placing the item in your cart.

Clench your glutes

As you wait in line to check out, do some butt clenches for a tighter booty. If you suck in your belly at the same time, you tense the gluteal muscles in your booty, and this can help strengthen the muscle fibers in both your stomach and butt. 

Walk it off

To finish up this goofy grocery store workout, walk back to the car, which you parked farther away. If you grabbed a case of water, practice lifting the package into your trunk. Be careful with this exercise, and make sure you use your legs and that your back is straight. Then, turn on the air conditioning when you start up your car to cool down on the way home.

I hope you enjoyed these fun workout ideas to help yourself get toned while grocery shopping! 

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