Quarantine Olympics: Spice up staying at home with your family

Quarantine Olympics
Wikimedia/Creative Commons

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During quarantine, everyone has found their own ways to pass time. Whether you are Zooming with your friends, whizzing through books, exercising like a maniac or binge-watching Netflix, everyone eventually finds a quarantine hobby. However, one family from North Carolina was tired of playing the same board games and watching the same shows, and invented the “Quarantine Olympics”! Essentially, using daily household items, the family members have been recording themselves competing in games against one another and posting these videos to TikTok through the account @alexpresley_.

We at the Clog have compiled a list of our top five favorite games from the Quarantine Olympics, which we recommend you try at home with your family and friends!

Sock slide challenge

For this challenge, all you need is a hardwood floor, socks and some tape. Start by placing the tape on the floor for your starting line. Then, with a running start, sprint past the tape and slide as far as you can. Measure how far each contestant slides. Whoever slides the farthest wins!

Stand-up water cup challenge

A cup filled with water is all you need! Start by lying on the ground with the cup on your forehead. Then, try standing up without letting the cup fall. Once you get the hang of it, try to race each other to see who can get up the fastest without spilling any water.

Drawing challenge

Tape a piece of paper to someone’s back. As the first person is drawing on the second person’s back, have the second person try to draw out what they feel. See how close you can get to the actual picture on your back. You can even try this challenge by writing out sentences and seeing if they can understand what you are trying to write.

Fruit roll-up challenge

Such a classic! Start with the tip of the fruit roll-up in your mouth and the rest hanging out toward the floor. On the count of three, whoever can eat the entire fruit roll-up the fastest, without touching it, wins. Beware: This is harder than it seems.

Cash drop challenge

For this challenge, turn off your ceiling fan, and use a chair to place dollar bills on top of each wing. Then, turn the fan on to its lowest setting and see how many bills you can catch as they fall. Whoever collects the most money is the winner.

What we love about the Quarantine Olympics is how easy each challenge is to complete at home. From whoever can slide the farthest to whoever can collect the most cash, all these games are simple, yet tons of fun. Check out @alexpresley_ on TikTok for more fun challenges.

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