Quiz: What summer activity will you do first when quarantine ends?

Illustration of student waving towards UC Berkeley's Sather Gate
Emily Bi/File

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The summer solstice is coming up on June 20. This time of year usually consists of getting outside, enjoying the sunshine and cramming for your jam-packed summer sessions. The circumstances of this summer are far different than any we have experienced before due to COVID-19. But, the pandemic has pushed us to spend our time in ways we may never have before. Not to mention the fact that quarantine allows some of us to stack on some summer credits in our PJs. Take this quiz to find out what summer activity you should indulge in once things open up!

  1. Earbuds in, you have this playing:
    1. Top hits! Always need to stay up to date on what’s hot
    2. Some old indie favorites
    3. R&B, duh
    4. My lo-fi beats playlist
  2. You’re laying in bed at night and thinking of …
    1. My family that I haven’t seen since pre-quarantine
    2. Getting outside tomorrow!
    3. My boo
    4. “I should be studying right now”
  3. You’re heading out the door, so you slip on your …
    1. Old flip flops, easy!
    2. My most comfortable running shoes
    3. Cute strappy sandals I just got online
    4. Nuh-uh. No way I’m heading out in that heat
  4. Grabbing some snacks at the store and the first thing you need is?
    1. A pack of granola bars for all-day
    2. Just some kombucha and I’m good to go
    3. A fruit salad!
    4. The biggest bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos that they sell
  5. This summer you’re wearing:
    1. Bright colors to show off my tan
    2. I always keep it to my earth tones
    3. Flowy and floral!
    4. I don’t know, whatever color my favorite sweatpants are …
  6. Your wallpaper on your phone is?
    1. Puppies. Always, puppies
    2. A pretty sunset I captured
    3. My favorite inspirational quote
    4. My syllabus so I don’t forget what assignment is due next
    1. You can’t wait to head out to the lake! You belong on the water surrounded by your loved ones. Whether boating or chilling, you’ll have a blast.
    2. A long hike up to the waterfall! A calming trip outdoors is exactly what you need right now. Grab a friend, or spend some time alone and enjoy some nature.
    3. You are just dying to go on a picnic. Nothing is as exciting to you than a sweet date in the grass … with snacks, of course!
    4. Your summer belongs to your studies. Eh, you don’t really like the heat that much, anyway. So enjoy having the extra time to cram for future exams, or finally get to that book you’ve been waiting to read.

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